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Tyre Shopper v Kwik Fit

Online shopping has made the marketplace extremely competitive. Across products, online retailers are focusing on offering the lowest prices, high quality and excellent customer service to attract and retain customers. It is no different when it comes to tyres. Tyre Shopper is the UK’s top online retailer. We do compete with Kwik Fit Tyres and others in the market. You are perhaps confused about who is the best. Read on to find out who wins the battle for supremacy between Tyre Shopper and Kwik Fit?

Where You have More Options

When you want to finalise the tyres for your vehicle, you’d obviously like to browse through various options and make a considered decision based on several factors. At Tyre Shopper, our vast inventory includes leading premium brands such as Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli and others. We also stock high quality, reliable budget brands like Rovelo, Aoteli, Autogreen and more. It is completely up to you what brand you decide on. Kwik Fit offers a significantly reduced number of options and does not include any of the budget tyres in its inventory. If you are looking for an economy brand tyre, www.tyre-shopper.co.uk is where you will find them.

Where Buying Experience is Smoother

The multiple search options at Tyre Shopper give you the option to search by ‘manufacturer’. For instance, if you are keen on Continental tyres for your car, simply choose this manufacturer from the drop down menu to access all Continental products in our inventory. Click on individual items to know about them and to read customer reviews. In fact we have a collection of over 6,000 customer reviews across products to help you make an informed decision. Some of our competitors do not offer the manufacturer search option.

Where Prices are Assured Lowest

Our lowest price promise guarantees that we offer you the cheapest tyres in the UK. In fact, we regularly undertake weekly price comparisons of over 400 sizes. We note down the prices charged by competitors for various products and make sure that our prices are the lowest online. We carry out this exercise against three of our closest competitors. So rest assured it will be pretty difficult for you to find better tyre deals elsewhere. Check out price comparison page right away to confirm this.

Accolades from Tyre Shopper

We are proud to share with you that Tyre Shopper has found a place in top 10 in the Experian Hitwise list (automotive category) 12 times. Twice a year, Experian Hitwise compiles a list of the most visited websites in the UK, in terms of traffic. Our place in the top 10 confirms that our intuitive and user friendly website is pulling in customers- both new and old. Besides, more than 25,000 satisfied customers have left overwhelmingly positive reviews for us on TrustPilot, UK’s leading 3rd party review site. Our overall rating is ‘excellent’. Now that’s information straight from the horse’s mouth! With a wide range of choices, smooth buying experience, assured lowest prices and superior customer reviews, there really is no doubt as to who wins the battle for supremacy between Tyre Shopper and Kwik Fit Tyres,is there?

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