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How Tyres Sales Are Being Made Easier Than Ever Before!

Replacing the worn out tyres on your car is an important aspect of maintaining performance on the road as well as ensuring safety while driving. However, the typical consumer in the United Kingdom is faced with a wide range of options for buying tyres when the time for replacement comes around. There are franchise dealers, the local tyre sales shop, online sites which offer several deals and company authorised outlets as well. When it comes to buying new treads for your vehicle, you must find the perfect balance between cost and safety without compromising on either. At Tyre Shopper we ensure that you get the tyres you want, at the best possible price you can get.

Which Tyres Would You Go For?

Online shops like Tyre Shopper can offer you some of the best possible deals on tyres because of the simple fact that we have an online model and deal in bigger volumes than your local tyre shop. According to the Tyre Industry Federation, there are at least 300 brands of tyres on sale in the UK which are sourced from as many as 45 countries around the world. With online stores, you can be assured of having a much wider choice in choice of brand for your tyre needs. At Tyre Shopper, we stock a majority of the world’s most popular brands and offer you the best prices in the market.

Tyre Sales

Car tyre sales in 2010 in the UK stood at 42 million according to statistics collected by the Tyre Industry Federation. 47% of these sales were in the premium tyres category and 22% were in the value products category. When buying tyres online, the price difference between what we offer and what you will have to pay at a local or company shop can make the difference between you buying a premium tyre or a budget tyre. Savings of up to 60-80 Pounds on a set of 4 tyres are not uncommon when purchases are made online. 

Add Comfort

It is not just the money you end up saving. Just think about the time you would be saving on fitment and follow-up. Tyre Shopper offers it’s customers a toll free helpline which functions on all days of the year, 24 hours a day. A host of search options provided by us also make your shopping experience with us a breeze. Now think about how much time you would have wasted visiting at least 3-4 shops in different locations in your city/town before you settled on a brand of tyre and found the right size for your car.

Our Reputation Precedes Us

With 20 years of experience in the field of selling tyres, we offer some of the best services possible to our customers. These include fitting at home or at 230 branches across the UK. We also provide 24 hours assistance via chat on our website. This is what has made us the No 1 tyre sales company in the country with over 14273 reviews on third party review site TrustPilot with a rating of excellent. Perhaps it comes as no surprise then that Tyre Shopper has sold over 1,000,000 car tyres online to date.

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