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Tyre Repair Guide

Repairing a punctured tyre might seem to be an easy enough job, however, if not done right, you risk injuring yourself and those around you when a poorly repaired tyre fails while out on the road. As a safety precaution, there is a standard called the BSAU159F:1990 enforceable for tyre repair in the United Kingdom and designed to prevent accidents like the one mentioned above. Though a puncture is what you might commonly encounter with your tyres, it is not easy to repair one. Visit Tyre Shopper today to read up more on how you can repair your punctured tyres.

The Rules

The standards specify that tyres can be repaired only in cases where the puncture has occurred in the ‘T’ area. This approximately covers 75% of the tread. Also, when the speed rating is V and above, such products can only be repaired once. There are many other factors that you should check before you undertake a tyre repair.

Tyre Tread Depth

Any tyre that has a tread depth of less than 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the surface at any point of the tyre should not be repaired.

Tyre Damage

In case of the object that caused the puncture has caused other damages like a long gash or cuts, the tyre must not be repaired. Even before you can contemplate repairing your tyre, make sure that each aspect of the tyre is inspected closely by you or a specialist to ensure integrity of the structure. Should you see any damage to beads or if the cords of the tyre are visible, do not attempt repair. It is much safer to buy a new set of tyres instead.

Run Flat Tyre Repair

Run flat tyres are built in a way where their structural integrity is affected when they run without air pressure. This usually results in permanent damage and it is recommended to avoid using these tyres again. Most tyre manufacturing companies advise against repairing run flats. They do offer acceptable ranges of speed/time in which the run flats would perform optimally. However, the tyre repair specialist has no means of verifying just how long the tyre was used in its deflated condition as well as the extent of damage that has resulted because of such use. In such cases, most professionals would refuse to repair your tyre and insist only that you replace it.

Repair a Tyre or Replace a Tyre?

Poor quality of previous repairs can lead to multiple possible failure points on your tyre and if you have been forced to go for quick fixes in the past, always ensure that you opt for a replacement rather than repairing your tyres. When looking for replacement tyres, you are unlikely to get a better source than Tyre Shopper. Our vast inventory of products gives access to top quality products from leading manufacturers. Our prices are the lowest online and we include fitting and delivery charges too. When tyre repair is not the right solution, don’t do it- you’ll compromise your safety. Instead visit Tyre Shopper for a spanking new set of tyres.

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