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Why Tyre Shopper Has Deals To Burn In Burnley

Tyre-Shopper, the UKs’ leading online tyre retailer is known for its wide range of tyres, lowest prices and professional UK wide fitting centres. When you are looking for a specific combination of size and fitting location, rest assured we can do it for you. Let’s say you want the 195/50r16 size radials and tyre fitting Burnley is your preferred fitting location, don’t worry! We can help you on both counts.

Wide Range of Products + UK Wide Fitting Centres – A Killer Combination

Our inventory comprises products from leading manufacturers from around the world. From premium brands such as Dunlop, Goodyear, Pirelli, Continental and Bridgestone and economy brands such as Barum, Wanli, Westlake and Uniroyal, we stock a wide selection from their product range for your convenience. So whenever you want a particular size, say the 195/50r16 from a particular manufacturer, say Continental, chances are high we will have it in stock.

The next step after buying your tyres is having them fitted. Obviously you would like a fitting centre close to your office or home. With our wide networkof 225+ fitting centres around the UK, this is a problem that is well, no longer a problem at all. Let’s say,you want a fitting location around Burnley , we will attend to your request. Likewise, Oldham, Plymouth and several other areas are covered by us for your fitting convenience.

Offering you the tyres you want, but putting you through great inconvenience in having them fitted is of no use. Similarly, having a wide network of fitting centres, but very limited stock also does not serve your purpose.

Our perfect combination of these 2 parameters spells the recipe of our success and your convenience.

The 195/50 for 16’ Fitment Explored in Detail

This is a popular size for small to medium compact cars and passenger vehicles. Fitting 16 inch alloys, these radials have a width of 195 mm and a profile height of 50mm. The Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse, Pirelli P3000, Bridgestone T001 and Continental ContiPremiumContact are some of the popular products available in this size. The Continental CotiSportContact brand in this size comes with the MO badging indicating that it is an OE fitment for Mercedes. (MO stands for Mercedes Only).

Coming to the load index and speed rating of this size, it is typically 84V. Here 84 refers to a maximum load capacity of 500kg or 1102lbs. The speed rating V indicates a maximum permissible speed of 240km/hr or 149mph.

This radial is also available in the load reinforced XL variant. In this case, the load index increases to 88 (load capacity increases to 560kgor 1235 lbs), but the speed rating remains the same.

Stick to your Size

To get the best from your radials in terms of performance, reliability and safety, always stick to your vehicle manufacturer’s size recommendations for your vehicle. The right size radial also goes a long way in improving fuel efficiency and lengthening tyre life. So if you want 195/50r16 tyres with tyre fitting Burnley, go for it. We at Tyre Shopper will help you.

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