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Top Gear: The Start Of A New Beginning Or Time To Let Go?

Top Gear is without doubt one of the most successful motoring programmes in history, embedded deeply into British Popular Culture. When Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were presenters of Top Gear the programme looked to be going from strength to strength.

Then, it all went wrong.

Jeremy Clarkson was sacked by the BBC after an incident with producer Osian Tymon. Richard Hammond and James May stepped down from their roles as co-presenters and have since gone on to unveil The Grand Tour as direct competition to Top Gear, exclusive to Amazon Prime.

BBC Two DJ, Chris Evans was given the task of taking over from the popular trio in the Top Gear’s first series since the ‘incident’ involving Clarkson. However, it didn’t go quite to plan with Chris Evans stepping down from his role after the first series.

The BBC have recently announced that Matt Le Blanc (yes, Joey from Friends) has signed a two-series deal to host Top Gear. Matt LeBlanc co-hosted the previous series of Top Gear with the departed Chris Evans. The popular American will be joined by Chris Harris and YouTube funny man Rory Reid. Will the trio fare better than Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc did previously? Will they fare better than the trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May? Only time will tell.

I tell you one thing, we can’t watch for the new series to start on 5th March 2017.

Top Gear Series 24; Will it Triumph or Will it Flop?

On 5th March 2017, Top Gear will begin its 24th series since it’s arrival on our TV screens. Will it be a success? Here is Tyre Shopper’s verdict!

Chris Evans was given probably the toughest job in television when he accepted the role to take over from Jeremy Clarkson. With Jeremy Clarkson moving to Amazon Prime to present The Grand Tour (alongside his loyal companions James May and Richard Hammond), Clarkson also took a number of his loyal fans, many of whom had supported him and watched Top Gear since it’s re-birth in 2002. The majority of ‘Clarkson Supporters’ wanted Chris Evans to fail and unfortunately, the task was too much for Evans and he decided to step down.

However, to many this was not a surprise. This pattern of events is something that has been replicated in a number of sporting situations. The fan’s hero leaves, the next man fails. Look at Manchester United, one of the most successful football club’s in the world and were managed by Sir Alex Ferguson. When Sir Alex Ferguson retired, David Moyes was thrust into the fire and yep you guessed it, the fans turned against him and he FAILED.

The expectation levels on Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid are at an all time low. Since the trailer has been released there have been a number of articles from the Daily Mail and the Telegraph stating that the programme should be closed. Realistically what do the trio have to lose? Will they win over the ‘Clarkson Supporters’? Probably not. Will they perform better than Chris Evans? Possibly.

The key factor here is that we will not know unless they are given a chance. The pressure is off the trio, it is now their chance to shine and make Top Gear a show that the BBC can be proud of once again. Will the BBC get the last laugh? Possibly. Is the Grand Tour really doing as well as Jeremy Clarkson’s loyal supporters would of expected? The Guardian certainly don’t think so. The Grand Tour has reportedly cost Amazon £4.5 million for each of the planned 36 instalments – so at £162 million was this too big of a gamble? The pressure now seems to have shifted from Top Gear presenters to The Grand Tour presenters. Nobody expects Matt LeBlanc and co to succeed, but I tell you one thing, Amazon NEED Jeremy Clarkson and co to succeed. The pressure is on.

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