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Top driving test faults

The DVSA changed the rules of the driving test at the back end of 2017. The changes were made to ensure that learner driver's experience and are savvy with functionality that the every day driver will need to use, including functions such as using a sat-nav when driving for directions.

Many of the changes were to ensure that learner driver's were prepared for a life of safe and careful driving. 

Top 10 reasons why drivers FAILED their driving test

1. Reverse bay parking

2. Responses to road markings

3. Driving position

4. Turning right at a junction

5. Control when moving off

6. Checking mirrors

7. Oversteering

8. Lack of observations

9. Traffic lights

10. Moving off safely

If you are wanting to pass your driving test first time, you need to ensure that you avoid common driving faults and revise the highway code and also the driving test report

The most common fault was failure to look at junctions. Many drivers were pulling out from a junction haphazardly, which meant this caused dangerous circumstances for themselves, other road users and also pedestrians. 

Nerves are a telling factor when people are getting ready to take their driving test. However, in the video below, it shows a number of innovative way to reduce driving test nerves.

If you have passed your test and are looking for a new vehicle, then there are a number of companies which cater towards the needs of first time drivers such as We Are Marmalade who offer FREE insurance for young drivers.


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