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Nico Rosberg: A Well Deserved Retirement?

It has been just over one month since Formula One driver Nico Rosberg decided to retire from the sport, only five days after he became F1 Champion. Mercedes have announced that the replacement for Rosberg will most likely be announced this month.

There has been a large amount of debate into whether German born Formula One driver Nico Rosberg did in fact make the correct decision to retire from the sport. Allan McNish from the BBC, described the decision as “brave”, while Sir Jackie Stewart stated that it was a “wise” decision.

At Tyre Shopper, we have come up with a number of reasons why it could be argued that Nico Rosberg made the correct decision to retire from Formula One.

Retiring As The Best In The Business

A number of top sportsmen/women have retired at the peak of their game and Rosberg is no different. Arguably one of the best footballers ever to grace the planet in Zinedine Zidane did the same. Understandably some feel that Rosberg should of continued within Formula One and defended his title but he’s retired as number one in the sport, which quite an impressive feat.

Rosberg: The Family Man

Nico Rosberg has a young family, with his daughter Alaia turning two years old later on this year. F1 drivers obviously spend large amounts of time away from their families. Rosberg has courageously made the decision to leave the sport and spend time with his family.

Net Worth Of Over £50 million

At 31 years old, Rosberg is rumoured to have a net worth of around £55 million. The Formula One driver with the highest net worth is seven-time champion Michael Schumacher who is rumoured to have earned £655 million throughout his career. Rosberg is never going to reach the heights of Schumacher and can live an extremely comfortable lifestyle with his earnings. In our tyre guide, we found out that the world’s most expensive car tyres were priced at $600,000. Rosberg could purchase these with ease and still have plenty of money left to spare…

Finally Beat Hamilton

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have had a well documented feisty relationship over the years. Since they started out together as teammates when karting back in the year of 2000, Lewis Hamilton has been the Formula One champion on three separate occasions. Now Rosberg has now beaten Hamilton, would he struggle to beat him again?

Who Will Replace Rosberg?

The first race of the 2017 F1 season takes place in Australia on Sunday 26th March 2017. By then, we will know who will be Nico Rosberg’s successor. Will it Red Bull’s Mark Verstappen? The future golden boy of the sport produced the drive of the season at Brazil last season and is rumoured to be an interesting proposition for Mercedes AMG F1. Will it be Valterri Bottas as reported by a number of media outlets? Fernando Alonso has also been rumoured to be on the cards but will his ‘fruitful’ relationship with Lewis Hamilton hinder the Spaniard’s chances?

Only time will tell whether Rosberg made the correct decision to retire. The consensus amongst fans of the sport is split. You can see pros and cons for both sides of the argument.

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