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The History Of Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tyres and other rubber products. The company employs over 140,000 people around the world operating from 178 plants with a presence in 25 nations and products sold in over 150 countries. In the United Kingdom, Bridgestone tyres are sold by Bridgestone Europe which is a subsidiary of the Tokyo based company.

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A Tyre Maker Committed to Quality

One of the hallmarks of the company is that it incorporates a concern for quality into its founder’s philosophy itself. Termed Bridgestone Essence, the message is quite clear when it comes to quality. Only the best for its customers is something that the company believes in seriously. This philosophy has ensured that the company remains ahead in the race for innovation in the tyre market. It was one of the first companies in Japan to sell rayon cord tyres. By 1953, sales had surpassed 10 Billion Yen to make it the top tyre company in Japan. Not one to rest on past laurels, the company introduced nylon tyres by 1959 and opened a new plant in Tokyo in 1960 before expanding out of Japan.

A Tyre for Every Vehicle

Tyres manufactured by Bridgestone are sold under additional brands like Firestone, Dayton and others. The company makes tyres for passenger cars, all wheel drive vehicles, trucks and buses besides commercial, construction and off road vehicles. Bridgestone tyres are also available for tractors, agricultural equipment, motorcycles, scooters and aircraft too.

Established Premium Brand Tyres

With decades of experience in making tyres for all sorts of vehicles, Bridgestone has introduced some memorable products in the tyre market. Its latest success in Europe is the Destination HP made by Firestone, an American brand which was acquired by the Japanese company in 1988. With experience gained from markets all over the world, Bridgestone ensures that the tyres they sell in the UK carry the latest technology in order to keep you safe while driving in all conditions. They offer summer tyres, high performance tyres and winter tyres for their customers.

Ultra High Performance Tyre Range

Based on the experience gained from participating in a wide range of motor sports, Bridgestone began offering this expertise to customers by introducing a range of ultra high performance tyres under the Potenza brand. The products like the S001, Adrenalin RE002, RE-11 and RE55S series of tyres offer sharp responsiveness while turning as well as excellent cornering stability. These radials are also associated with reduced rolling resistance and thus offer superior fuel economy. The Potenza series features aggressive tread patterns, reinforced rigidity and a new rubber compound for stability and handling as well as noise reduction.

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