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Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport

Goodyear have announced alongside their Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 tyres, they will also be releasing the Eagle F1 SuperSport range for both road and track. This range will consist of three separate tiers, the SuperSport, the SuperSport R and also the SuperSport RS. Goodyear are well known throughout the world for their use of innovative technologies and years upon years of racing experience- making this SuperSport range one of their best yet!

Through intensive research and development, Goodyear have used innovation to provide significant improvements to a number of key areas to maximise a fast, effective and safe driving performance. If you are using these tyres on the track, then you can expect a reduction in lap times due to the reduced braking distance, the greatly improved wet weather performance and also maximum levels of handling.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Maximum levels of comfort thanks to reduced noise levels
  • Improved grip levels to ensure effective cornering when driving at speed
  • Excellent performance on both wet and dry road surfaces
  • Reduced braking distances to ensure fantastic performance levels
  • Long lasting tyre life thanks to consistent pressure distribution

When will the SuperSport range be available to purchase?

Eagle F1 SuperSport SKUs was released back in February and will be fed into the tyre market up until May 2019. The fitments for this tyre range will range from 18” to 21”, 205 to 305 mm widths and an aspect ratio ranging from 45 to 30.  The Eagle F1 SuperSport tyres are perfect for high performance saloons such as BMW's or Mercedes-Benz.

Eagle F1 SuperSport R SKUs will be released throughout the year of 2019 until November. The diameters will range from 18” to 21”, 205 to 305 mm widths and an aspect ratio ranging from 25 to 40. 

The Eagle F1 SuperSport RS is intended for races conditions- perfect for the track! Experience fantastic grips levels and impeccable performance no matter the weather conditions. The SKU's for this pattern will be introduced in March 2019.

Can I purchase these tyres from Tyre Shopper?


If you are looking to purchase these tyres for your vehicle then please visit our Goodyear Tyres brand page. Alternatively, you can go direct to the Eagle F1 SuperSport tyre pattern by clicking here. If you have enjoyed this article then please continue to check out some of the other articles in our blog section. Alternatively, if you fancy learning more about tyres then you can find further information on tyres by clicking here.

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