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Firestone Tyres

The plethora of tyre brands in the market can be quite confusing. Most of the tyres do have similar features. How do you decide which is best for you? When you are looking for exceptional performance and safety, Firestone Tyres is one brand you must definitely consider. Tyre Shopper, UK’s leading online retailer brings to a wide range of tyres from Firestone.

A true blue American company, Firestone tied up with Henry Ford, and was the first OE partner for Ford vehicles. Now the company boasts of over dozens of different varieties of tyres to choose from. Tyre Shopper stocks the following popular products from Firestone.

Firestone Firehawk- All Season Tyres

Firehawk all season tyres have been developed for sporty performance, specifically for saloons and coupes. The long lasting high-silica tread interwoven with asymmetrical tread design enhances the steering responsiveness, especially along corners and provides better traction for bad weather.

Firestone Winterforce

The Winterforce series comprises snow tyres that are designed specifically for coupes, saloons and minivans. These tyres are best suited for drivers looking for durable performance and traction in dry or wet snow. They feature high density siping independent tread blocks. This ensures better grip on roads laced with hard or soft snow.


Tranforce series is for on/off road vehicles, usually pick-up trucks, sport utility and commercial vehicles. There are all weather tyres made for rain, snow as well as dry conditions. They feature long link carbon tread, using notched shoulders and symmetric tread design. A combination of these prevents hydroplaning and provides for better control. The tyres also include twin steel belts, reinforced by nylon to maintain shape.

Buy Firestone Tyres at Tyre Shopper

Tyre Shopper brings to you the widest range of Firestone products. Besides, we guarantee you the lowest prices online. You can check it out by visiting our price comparison page. Avail of the easy search options on our website to locate the specific products you want. We stock a wide range of Firestone products.

Tyre Maintenance Tips

As much as we love having customers like you, we would much rather you get the best out of your radials. Here are a few simple tips for better maintenance!

  • Check your tread depth every six months and if it reaches 1.6 mm, it is time to change
  • Frequently check your tyre pressure – the more you travel, the more frequent it will have to be
  • If you find foreign objects lodged in your tyre, have it checked by a dealer for internal damage
  • Periodically check your wheel alignment – we recommend at least once annually!
  • Minimise erratic braking and acceleration
  • Do not ever discount the importance of keeping a spare in the trunk. You will never know when you may need it so ensure it has the right air pressure!

With a promise of durability, Firestone tyres are available for your every need at Tyre Shopper . Come snow, come shine these tyres won’t let you down. We will help you pick the right set for you at the cheapest possible price. So, what are you waiting for? Drive away with a new set today!

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