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No, this article is not about some complicated mathematical algorithm. It discusses a simple and practical aspect of every life - online tyre purchase. Merit Tyres has been around for the past 50 or so years and Tyre Shopper was launched in 2006, a little more than 5 years ago. Yet today, Tyre Shopper has overtaken Merit Tyres in various aspects, particularly in areas of service excellence and price guarantee, receiving awards and accolades from various reputed independent third parties.

Tyre Shopper - is a Top 10 Experian Hitwise Website

The Experian Hitwise Top 10 awards recognise the top 10 websites across more than 160 categories based on the number of web visits within the UK. Tyre Shopper was accorded the #8 position in the Automotive Industry- Shopping and Classified Websites category for the year 2011. The top 10 websites are compiled bi-annually and in its 6 years of existence, tyre-shopper has figured in this list 11 times. This means, we have not missed a spot even once. When the list for 2012 is compiled, we are sure we will find a spot there. This only reiterates the superior customer experience and value offered by Tyre Shopper, that is pulling in newer customers and enticing older customers to come back again and again.

Tyre Shopper - the Most Trusted Tyre Site on Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot has rated us the most trusted site in the ‘tyre’ category, based on the customer reviews we received on Trust Pilot.

Our customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive with more than 90% customers giving us a 5-star rating. This pie chart makes the distribution of reviews crystal clear.

Tyre Shopper has managed to achieve these wonderful accolades only because we are committed to offering the best value and service to our customers at all times. In fact these honours motivate and push us to offer even higher value to you. We constantly compare our online prices with competitors to make sure that ours are the lowest. And if you find anyone, including Merit Tyres, offering a similar tyre at lower price, just tell us. And we promise we will cut that price by £1. Hence the title declares “50 is not always greater than 5”. For, the 5 year old Tyre Shopper is clearly offering you more value than the 50 year old www.merityre.co.uk.

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