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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was an easy way to find the tyres you need? Some online tyre retailers like Event Tyres offer only the tyre size option for tyre search. But practically, how many of us really know our tyre sizes? Except faintly remembering that the tyre sidewall has some number and letters, we have no clue how to interpret them or what they represent. (At least most of us! Anyway). Welcome to Tyre Shopper, UK’s leading online tyre selling website, voted most popular in the automotive industry category by Experian Hitwise.

We don’t believe in selling tyres to you. We help you buy tyres. And the first step is to make sure that you can search for the tyres easily. Tyre Shopper - Making Tyre Search Easy for You Tyre Shopper offers you multiple options for selecting tyres.

1. Search by Tyre Size

Yes we do offer the tyre size option like Event Tyres, (for the more technically informed) and we take this a step further by enabling you to search by ‘load index’ and ‘speed ratings’- parameters very rarely offered by online tyre retailers.

2. Search by Tyre Manufacturer

Search for the tyres you want by keying in the tyre manufacturer of your choice. Tyre Shopper stocks a wide range of popular brands, enabling you to find the tyre brand of your choice quickly.

3. Search specifically for your vehicle

Each vehicle and model comes with a particular brand of OE tyres and has a range of suitable replacement tyres. By entering your vehicle and model details into the Tyre Shopper search system, you will be offered the best tyre options for your car.

4. Search by Registration Number

Tyre Shopper has the most advanced vehicle registration number look up system, offering you the best tyre options that match your vehicle registration details. Best Prices With Tyre Shopper, you can be sure that you are getting the best prices because there is a weekly comprehensive competitive tyre price comparison. Our prices are all-inclusive, incorporating fitting charges. So you don’t get any surprises when tyres are finally fitted on your cars.Search for tyre easily, be assured of best prices and experience ‘no-hassle tyre fitting’ with Tyre Shopper…. what more could one possibly ask for?

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