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Continental Sport Contact 5 Tyres

The Continental Sport Contact 5 205 50 17, the Continental tyre we have all been waiting for is here. This winner from the Continental stable is aimed at sporty cars and SUVs. The company promises that the tyre will deliver shorter braking distances in any weather condition. It is also designed to grip the road surface more efficiently and provides greater safety while cornering. The icing on the cake? This radial gives better mileage by reducing fuel consumption.

Continental Tyres has reportedly developed a new compound that they have named “Blackchilli” which has been used to make these tyres. This compound provides low rolling resistance while driving at high speeds. This ensures excellent grip and superb handling on winding roads, and also maximises fuel efficiency of the engine. The ContiSportContact 5 is available in a range of sizes for 17 inch upwards (for cars) and 18 inch upwards (for SUVs).

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It is imperative that you select the tyre size prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer and not vary too much in that aspect.

So how do you figure out the right size? Read on to find out.

Your Tyre Size Guide

You might have seen a lot of markings on the sidewalls and wondered what they stand for. Well, let’s decode this.

Let us take, for example, a number that you’d come across on a sidewall of a ContiSportContact 5 radial – 205 50 R17 93W.

“205” denotes width of the tyre in millimetres, “50” denotes height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width. In this case, 50% of 205mm. This is also known as the aspect ratio. “R” stands for radial construction. “17” denotes the diameter of the tyre’s inner rim in inches. “93” denotes the Load Rating of the tyre. In this case the load rating is 650 kg (max load). “W” denotes the Speed Rating. It is defined as the maximum speed of the tyre when at full load. In this case it is 168 mph (270 kmph).

If the Continental tyre you are looking for is the Continental Sport Contact 5 205 50 17 you are in luck. This product is available with us right now at the lowest prices. Place your order now.

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