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How To Find The Best Deals On 155-80-13 Tyres

It’s official now. There is only one place in town for the best car tyre deals, whether you are looking to buy tyres 155/80 13 or any other size. And that place is none other than Tyre Shopper.

We are the UK’s leading and most popular online tyre store. We bring to you a vast range of products from leading world manufacturers at prices that offer you more value for money than you ever thought possible.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

The 155/80 radial size for 13 inch alloy fitments is typically suited for small to medium compact cars. Because they are meant to fit 13 inch alloys, naturally they cater to smaller vehicles with correspondingly smaller tyres size requirements.

Heavier the car, the more work the tyres need to do to support the weight of the car. With relatively smaller cars, the 13 inch fitment radial size is quite popular.

80 represents the sidewall profile height in millimetres and this is a typically high profile tyre. High profile tyres are associated with greater shock absorbing capabilities, resulting in a ride that is smooth and comfortable and free from bumps of any sort.

Michelin, Yokohama, Uniroyal, Barum….the List is Endless

Yes, these are just some of the manufacturers who produce tyres in this popular size. As these dimensions have very high demand in the OE and replacement market, manufacturers across the budget spectrum produce these tyres.

From the Michelin stable come to you the Michelin Energy tyres, while the Barum range in this size includes the Barum Brillantis. Yokohama’s highly specialised BluEarth range also has some products in this size, while Continental’s ContiEcoContact3 represents the Continental tyres with these dimensions.

How do you pick what is best for you? Turn to us for advice.

Tyre Shopper Advises:

While replacing the tyres on your car, it is always best to choose the same size tyres as were originally fitted on your car. So if you have the ContiEcoContact3 as your OE fitment, it might be a good idea to stick to that.

If budget is an important consideration for you, there is nothing stopping you trying one of several budget brands available at Tyre-Shopper. Barum, Tigar Wanli, Westlake, Uniroyal and others are well known throughout the world for their amazingly high levels of affordability along superior levels of reliability, performance and safety.

The right radial size for your car is mentioned in your vehicle owner’s manual. Of course, it is also printed on the sidewall of your current radials. Keep an eye out on your current radial size while picking your next set of radials.

And at any point, if you have any confusion, simply contact us, and we will be more than happy to offer assistance.

Best Prices Guaranteed

We offer you the guarantee of lowest prices on each and every one of our products. A through weekly comparison of competitors’ prices for over 400 sizesensures that we are quoting the lowest price for our products. So, yes, grab the best car tyre deals in town for your tyres 155/80 13 only at Tyre Shopper.

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