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Barum Bravuris Tyres

Barum Tyres is a joint venture between Barum, which started manufacturing operations in 1934 in the Czech Republic, and the Continental Group of Germany. Barum manufactures, probably, the best quality products in the economical range. It has been Continental’s “Knight in Shining Armour,” winning rave reviews and competitions the world over, even competing against its exorbitantly-priced cousins from other global manufacturers.

Why Choose To Buy Barum Tyres?

Barum has in its stable such fine steeds like the Bravuris, Brillantis and Vanis and winter radials like the Polaris and Snovanis. Each “rubber ring” is the result of some serious R&D and incorporates the expertise of both Barum and Continental. The Bravuris can hold its own against any other premium product of the same specifications from any manufacturer in the world and can outsmart the best of them (read expensive) in performance criteria. The Barum brand has thus become a favourite when it comes to affordability and quality.

The winter and summer radials of Barum are extremely well behaved on the road or snow and their novel treading design helps them to grip wet and dry surface extremely well and provide smoother driving comfort and greater safety. They also provide exceptional braking responsiveness due to the presence of siped ribs which improve grip. Circumferential grooves reduce aquaplaning and help braking on wet surfaces.

An innovative design that merges two steel belts inside the tread reduces tread wear and greatly enhances tyre efficiency and its life. The advanced production techniques and the incorporation of some unique compounds during production help it to wear slowly and evenly, thereby increasing its usability and life.

You can purchase Barum Bravuris tyres through Tyre Shopper.

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