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What Are The Best 225-40-18 Tyres?

For most people, shopping for tyres is boring. One tyre is the same as another, right? On top of that, who has the time to search for a specific tyre size? Just call the garage or the dealership and they will do everything for you. Yes, this is what almost everyone does but this is not right. When you are buying something from the dealership, you are actually paying a price that covers a dealership or garage fee, an installation charge, delivery charge, etc.

Instead of spending more, you should try shopping online at tyre speciality sites like Tyre-Shopper. Finding specific types of tyres online like 225 40 18 is quite easy and here is how you go about it.

1. Locate the Tyre Formula

Before you actually start searching for a tyre online, check the tyre sidewall to find the tyre formula. For example, if the number 225/40 with the rim diameter 18 is printed on the tyre sidewall, note it down.

2. Use the Website Search Engine

At Tyre-Shopper, we have an advanced innovative search engine that will let you look for radials based on the specific size you want. Besides, we also offer the option to search by using your vehicle registration number or vehicle model. If you want products from a specific manufacturer, simply use our tyre manufacturer search option. You can use all three search engines or just one to find your tyre of the specific size.

3. Make a Payment

Once you have found your tyre, all you have to do is pay for it. Our site-wide discount makes the tyres very affordable. Apart from the cost, our quoted price also includes delivery, shipping and installation costs. Tyre-Shopper is probably the only website that offers free installation at its 225 local service stations in the UK.

4. Delivery and Installation

The tyre is delivered to the closest service station and the service station will call you to set up an appointment. All you have to do is drive down to the service station and the garage will install the radial for you. And remember, you don’t have to nothing extra!

5. Use Tyre Shopper

Tyre-Shopper has 24-7 customer service. Customers who are still having problems choosing finding the radials of a specific size can just call up the toll free number. Expert technicians will help you find the right tyres for your vehicle.

ou might wonder why you need to use only Tyre-Shopper. Why not use any other online retailer in the UK? The simple reason is that all our products come with a price guarantee. With Tyre-Shopper, you know that you are getting your tyres at the cheapest rates possible. We are committed to providing high quality but affordable tyres to the closest service station. Instead of experimenting with new websites, it is a far better idea to start with Tyre-Shopper. You know you are getting quality and price under the same room. Come to us for your 225 40 18 tyres.

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