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Avon ZV7 Tyres

Avon ZV7 tyres are a customer favourite among consumers. These tyres have been given a whopping 9.5/10 rating after purchase by customers. The Avon ZV7 is a high-quality premium tyre designed for use in the summer, however, is beneficial in the rain.

The tyre itself has been designed with a unique, distinctive design with larger circular grooves to repeal water quickly. It also features tread blocks to reduce any noise you encounter from driving on the road. This tyre was made to replace the Avon ZV5 using the best polymer technology available to ensure it not only provides an efficient drive; but also to ensure it grips in both wet and dry conditions equally.

Many customers say that these tyres are affordable but give premium, high priced tyres a run for their money.

The Driving Conditions

Every driver knows the importance of having good tyres that provide excellent grip on the roads. Many drivers (especially new ones) make the mistake of either buying cheap, budget tyres or wearing their tyres down so far it makes them very unsafe to use; and then continue the cycle of buying budget tyres. The Avon ZV7 is not only within an affordable price range, but they are also specially designed for optimum road safety. The tyres grip like a dream in dry conditions but can efficiently tackle some of the worst weather conditions (like our British rain!). The unique tyre tread is what gives the tyres the grip it needs to keep you safe on the road in such conditions.

The Longevity Of Your Tyre

Tyres can be a bit of a hit or miss when it comes to their lifespan. Some may last years where others only last a matter of months. Disclaimer: Though some tyres can last years, it's always a wise decision to check them regularly for wear and tear. Due to Avon using a new polymer and an advanced mixing technique for the tyre tread, this not only means a better surface grip but it also means reduced rolling resistance. These factors combined increase the lifetime of your tyre and add a rather impressive amount of use to the tyres.

Noise Reduction

I love this feature, driving on the roads can be a bit of a nuisance. Let's be honest, the surface of the road isn’t perfect! It’s covered in dirt; debris & has a lot of lumps and bumps which can cause a whole load of noise itself. Some tyres are even poorly designed in such a way it sounds as if they are “tearing” or even squeal when you brake. The Avon ZV7 has been designed in such a way where it reduces the noise levels you experience when driving. Of course, nothing can 100% minimize noise while driving; however, these tyres do help.

Product Summary

  • Tyre treads designed to repel water
  • Enhanced performance
  • Noise reduction
  • All new design
  • Reduced rolling resistance
  • Optimal grip

Buy Avon ZV7 Tyres Today!

Avon ZV7 Tyres are now available to purchase through Tyre Shopper. Please click HERE to see if we have Avon ZV7 tyres in stock for your vehicle.

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