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What Are The Best All Season Tyres For 215 55R16 Tyres?

We know you love your car. After all, you spent a fortune on it. So, when it is time to replace the tyres on your beloved ‘chariot’, nothing but the best will do. The 215/55r16 97w tyres, part of the 215/55 r16 tyres range, including the all season 215/55 size are one of the best options for your car.

These are high performance tyres that perfectly complement your high performance saloon, premium sports car and sports coupe. And here is the good news. This product is easily available at the click of a button at Tyre Shopper.

Buying Tyres Made Easy!

If you concept of tyre purchase and replacement consist of torturous memories of walking up and down stores, not knowing what is good and what isnot and being scared to approach the oh-so-high-and-mighty store staff, you can say goodbye to all of that. At www.tyre-shopper.co.uk, we make tyre buying easy for you. We ensure that you connect with what you want for your car within minimal steps.

In fact our intuitive and easy to use website ensures that you can do this on your own with no help from anyone whatsoever.

But still, if you get stuck, feel free to get in touch with us, because we are not stuck-up.

We consider a privilege to be able to help you make the right radial choices.

Visit tyre-shopper website now and redefine your world of tyres..

215/55 r16 Size- this IS What You are Looking For

Yes, we can say that with confidence, as this is one of the most popular sizes in both the OE market and the replacement market. With a width of 215mm, these radials fit alloy discs of 16 inches, which is the typical size for passenger cars and medium to high end vehicles. Of course, there are several variants in this size and they include runflat tyres, XL tyres and special winter tyres and also the most popular all season tyres.

The Continental ContiEcoContact 5 tyre is available in this size, as is the Michelin Primacy 3. The Continental product is a special eco-friendly variant known for its low rolling resistance that translates into greater fuel efficiency and reduced fuel costs. And this radial is also available in the XL variant to suit load reinforced applications.

Coming to the Michelin Primacy 3, it is one of the most in-demand radials from the French manufacturer’s stable. In this particular size, it is also equipped with ‘rim protection ridge’, which protects your expensive alloys from kerbing damage.

Savings Galore at Tyre-Shopper

Both these tyres, in their own ways, help you save money. And when you buy them from us, your savings increase several fold. This is because we arecommitted to offering you only the lowest prices for each and everyone of our product. Our price comparison page ensures that this is so.

So why wait more. When you are getting awesome savings with on the 215/55r16 97w tires (all season 215/55), clearly one of the best in the category, don’t miss this opportunity. After all, it’s a dream come true for your car.

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