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A Guide To Buying Car Tyres Online

Your car is your dream machine, and owning a high end car like Audi has its own perks. Yet ownership of the car comes along with the responsibilities of maintenance and car care. Getting the right tyres fitted for your car at the right time is a big responsibility. If you are looking to replace the tyres on your Audi, you can buy car tyres online at Tyre Shopper. It’s simple and we’ll show you right away how to do it.

1. Find Your Car Tyre Size

Your car’s original tyre size, model, and brand will be printed on the tyre sidewall. You have to copy down this numerical formula and keep it ready. The notations may vary slightly but they usually are a combination of alphabets and numbers. In case of Audi, you may find this additional term ‘AO’ present on the sidewall, which indicates OE equipment tyres for Audio and AO stands for Audi Only.

2. Find a Reputable Website

The entire process of shopping online depends on finding a reputable tyre retailer. Instead of looking around, you should start with Tyre Shopper. Tyre Shopper is one of UK’s biggest tyre retailers and we sold more than 100,000 tyres in the last 7+ years. We are proud to say that our customers keep coming back and TrustPilot badge speaks our top notch service and adherence to quality and consistency.

3. Use the Website's Search Tools

Most websites have a single search engine that you can use to find the right tyre for your car. However, at Tyre Shopper we offer multiple search options to find car tyres online. With three distinct search approaches, you can easily find the right tyre size, model and variety online.

4. Check for Discounts

Almost all websites offer discounts and deals. Only Tyre Shopper offers a discount deal, rebate and coupon code feature that reduces your bill amount even more. To assure you of our best rates, we also offers a price guarantee that promises the lowest tyre rates online.

5. Verify Installation

Just buying tyres online is not enough. Your tyres need to be installed on your car. In this case, your bill price should be discounted to factor in the installation charges that will be coming from your pocket. However, Tyre Shopper offers an all-inclusive deal in which you pay for the tyre, the shipping and delivery costs, and installation costs as well. The tyres are delivered one of our 225+ local service centres as per your convenience. When the tyres are delivered, the centre will call you and all you have to do is drive down and get the tyres installed.

Although this guide will tell you exactly how to buy your tyres online, the entire process starts with choosing a website that has a great reputation. Instead of experimenting, stick to a reputable website like Tyre Shopper as we have years of experience in selling car tyres online. We offer quality goods, a price guarantee, and tyre installation at no extra cost.

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