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A Fifth Of Drivers Are At Risk Of A Breakdown This Bank Holiday

With the August bank holiday approaching, many families will be looking to get away for a lovely long break.

But nobody wants to spend their vacation stranded on the hard shoulder – which can often be avoided, simply by carrying out regular maintenance checks on your vehicle.

However, keeping your motor in working order is easier said than done. It may be polished and shiny but there’s the tyre pressure, windscreen washer fluid and oil levels to contend with, not to mention the power steering fluid and coolant.

Our new study has revealed that simple tasks including changing the oil, checking tyre pressures, and making sure brake lights are working, are not routinely carried out.

In fact, a staggering fifth of UK drivers have floundered at the thought of performing simple maintenance checks, yet the same number have failed to fork out for breakdown cover.

And a third of us even beg our partner, friend or dad to help us out with routine checks under the bonnet.

Of those polled, the average driver ranked their car maintenance skills as just five out of ten, whilst a tenth stooped to a meagre one out of ten, despite the average driver having 20 years’ experience behind the wheel.


When it comes to breakdowns, seven per cent of motorists have come to a halt due to their vehicle overheating, six per cent have had an issue with the oil in their vehicle and eight per cent have run out of gas on at least one occasion.

And despite three quarters of drivers lugging a spare wheel in their boot, 63 per cent have no chance of changing it, as they don’t carry the tools they’d need - with females being the main culprits.


A fifth of motorists are driving a vehicle that’s not even deemed fit for the road; 13 per cent have a chip or crack in their windscreen, four per cent have broken brake lights and 68 per cent are clueless when it comes to legal requirements for car tyre tread.

In fact, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency claims that almost half of failed MOTs can be avoided by straightforward maintenance checks.

Ladies are more likely to get these checks completed, but only one in three feels confident to carry them out personally, as opposed to nine in ten men.


It’s important to make sure you complete important maintenance checks before a long journey. Not only can you save yourself time and money but carrying out checks like making sure to regularly test the air pressure of your tyres means you face less risk of a break down. Driving with bald tyres can mean a costly three-point penalty and a hefty £2,500 fine.

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