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Wet Weather Tyres

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Wet weather tyres are designed to perform well in wet and rainy conditions, by ensuring that water is evacuated from the tyre surface as quickly as possible so that the tyre remains in contact with the road allowing it to grip effectively.

If too much surface water builds up, aquaplaning can occur as the tyres lose grip with the road, affecting braking and steering which can be dangerous. The tread in wet weather tyres is specially designed to stop this from happening & or at least to minimise the risk of aquaplaning as much as possible. Special grooves and drainage channels in the tyre pattern evacuate water helping the tyre stay firmly in contact with the road. Tyre labelling which are now appearing by European law on all new passenger tyres include a rating for wet braking distances.

Tyres are graded A - G with A being the best performers in the wet with the shortest wet braking distances. G-grade tyres have the longest braking distances. However driving performance isn’t just about having the right wet weather tyres, it’s also about tyre maintenance and how you drive. Tyres need to be properly inflated and in good condition to ensure they perform well. New tyres with 8mm of tread have a braking distance 10metres shorter than tyres which are down to the legal minimum (Source: TyreSafe) & that could make a huge difference in an emergency stop situation. Also it seems obvious but slow down and remember to keep your distance from the car in front in wet weather.

A safe distance helps lower your chance of an accident, especially in the wet when braking distances greatly increase. Search Tyre Shopper for wet weather tyres at competitive prices from thousands of patterns in stock now!


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