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Want to Buy your Car Tyre Online? Top Tips from Tyre-Shopper

Buying clothes online is quite simple. All you have to do is choose a colour and a size. Your clothes are home-delivered and you are done with your shopping. However, if you want to buy a tyre, it is something else altogether. How do you choose one online and are there any special tips you should know? Tyre-Shopper presents a simple guide just for you. Match the Size The size is displayed on the sidewall. All you have to do is note down the alpha numeric notation written on the sidewall and use it to find replacement tyres. You can switch manufacturers and brands but the size and speed rating should remain the same. Radial Birthdays Tyres have a lifespan of five to eight years. However, hot weather, bad driving conditions, and bad roads can wear out the tread pattern fast. Radials may deteriorate faster in these conditions and you may have to replace them in one to two years. As a rule of thumb; check your tyres every six months and replace them if the tread pattern appears completely worn out. Check the tyre’s birthday or DOT Date on the sidewall for an old radial as well as a new one. Replacement tyres should have current DOT dates or they should be less than two years old. Buying tyres with a DOT date of more than five years is not recommended as the rubber compound in the tread is likely to have degraded during storage. 98. Tyre 1 Warranties and Guarantees Manufacturers offer a mileage warranty along with a general guarantee. However, the website you are buying your tyres from should also offer a limited guarantee on their goods. Compare Brands You are free to switch brands or tyre varieties. You can replace a single radial at a time. However, some tyres like run flats and 4x4 performance tyres do not work well unless the entire set is replaced. Use Season-Specific Tyres Always use season-specific tyres from a trusted retailer. All-weather tyres are great in areas that have equable weather. It is recommended to use winter radials in cold weather for enhanced safety. Note that this is not a legal requirement in the UK. Choose Local Retailers Local websites like Tyre-Shopper are perfect for buying replacement tyres. We promise the lowest prices online and offer the best deals on the tag price which includes delivery, shipping, and installation charges. 98. Tyre 2 Your First Choice for Tyres This entire process of buying radials online is not difficult, especially if you do it through Tyre-Shopper. We have a comprehensive selection of brands from leading manufacturers and an easy to use online search engine that gives you most appropriate radial suggestions based on the data you input. To make sure that our prices are lowest amongst those offered by competitors, we offer a price comparison page that you can check. All our prices are inclusive of fitting and delivery too. Buying your tyre at Tyre-Shopper is a smooth and hassle free experience. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself today.

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