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Van Tyres

Image0Tyre Shopper has access to thousands of van tyres from major tyre brands like Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Continental. We also stock mid-range tyres from other brands like Uniroyal, Firestone, Toyo, and Avon.

Our wide range of van tyres ensures that we have tyres and brands to suit your business needs. Beyond the major brands, we also stock the Barum private tyre brand and economy van tyres from Wanli, Tigar, and other less high-profile van tyre manufacturers that offer good value for money.

You may run a bakery with a single delivery van or your business owns a fleet of large vans for commercial use. In either situation, Tyre Shopper has experts who can advise which van tyres will fit each van and be able to arrange an appointment to fit the tyres to the van for you.

Van tyres from Tyre Shopper have product guarantees that provide assurance for businesses who need to keep their fan fleet on the road.

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Professional Tyre Fitters

Whether you are looking for the most fuel-efficient tyre, or the one with the greatest traction through all weather conditions, Tyre Shopper can supply them. Our tyre fitter, National, has a network of locations across the UK where they can fit the tyres for you. You can visit one of their locations or they can use their mobile unit to come out to your business address to complete the tyre fitting.

Winter Van Tyres

Tyre Shopper can also supply winter van tyres that have a special, deeper tread that can dispel water faster and handle snow on the road successfully without losing much traction. Winter van tyres also help to avoid aquaplaning when compared to other van tyre choices because of the more efficient water dispersal built into the deep tread design and additional tyre grooves.

Van Tyre Safety

When making a tyre purchase, always verify that the tyres are new, with proper tread levels (1.66mm is the minimum legal level), and that the tyres are fitted with the correct tyre pressure. Tyre Shopper put their support behind the 3mm campaign next to NTDA, TyreSafe and ROSPA by recommending that tyres are changed when their tread falls to 3mm. This tread level helps to maintain road grip even in the wettest conditions.

The vehicle’s handbook can confirm the correct tyre pressure. Alternatively, usually, the correct level is indicated inside the petrol cap or the driver’s side door. Please have a look at our tyre pressure page for more help on tyre pressures.

Tyre Safety Check

It is a good idea to regularly check the tyre condition of all tyres on each van. Confirm that there are no unusual lumps, cracks or bulges which would suggest a tyre and safety issue. National, our fitting partner, can perform a FREE safety check on your van(s).

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