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Understanding Low Profile Tyres with Tyre-Shopper

We have certain preconceived notions about tyres. Tyres are meant to be big and puffy as they hold up the vehicle, provide a cushioning effect for passengers and generally ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. However, next time you are on the road, look around. You should now see dramatically different tyres on almost all new cars. Manufacturers now make thin tyres or low profile tyres for new cars. These radials are super-slim and can be considered the ‘super models’ or ‘size zero’ tyres of the motoring world.

Know More about Tyres with Low Profile

The term low profile is used to describe tyres that have a lower aspect ratio as compared to regular radials. This makes the black rubber appear like a flat coating on top of the wheel rim. However, to compensate for the shorter sidewall, these tyres have a larger tread block and a wide apex.

80.Low Profile Tyres 1

The tread compound for these radials is made with a special polymer compound to withstand the short tyre length. Generally, any tyre that has an aspect ration of 50 or less is considered a low profile radial. A lot of design and research has gone into designing and understanding the benefits of these tyres and manufacturers like Bridgestone now recommend low profile radials for several car models.

If you are considering tyres categorised as low profile for your car, you should know a few things. They are very affordable and effective but they may feel different while driving. Since they have a wider structure, this makes the tread pattern wider as well. This increases the tread contact with the road surface. As a result, you would feel a change in the steering responsiveness. However, the cornering force, braking efficiency and handling characteristics of the vehicle are enhanced.

80.Low Profile Tyres 2

Drivers have noted an increased stability at high speeds, and increased suppression of vibration. Users have also reported better steering response and less deflection. Most manufacturers also stated that the steering precision of low-aspect radials is far better than ordinary tyres. Drivers also love the aesthetic appeal of the low profile rubber rings as they create an uber cool sporty look for your car.

Buying Tyres from Tyre-Shopper

If you are considering a switch to low sidewall height tyres, you should know that they are readily available online. Due to the special rubber compound used in the tyre, the tyres do tend to be more susceptible to tread wear, but the other advantages outweigh this factor. Before you buy new tyres, take a few minutes to find the correct tyre size and model. This information is printed on the sidewall in the form of a notation. Copy the notation and use it on the Tyre-Shopper search engine. Choose your radials from the list of most appropriate suggestions that come up in response to your search query.

Please note that low profile tyres may not suit every vehicle. Contact the Tyre-Shopper customer service department and we will help you find the right tyre for your particular requirements. We are available 24X7, all through the year to answer your queries.

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