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Searching For BMW run flat tyres?

Have you ever had a flat tyre? Can you remember how you felt sweating away in the hot sun or in pitch darkness struggling to change the tyre? It was, and always will be a hot, messy job. At the time, there was no alternative to a flat tyre. You had to haul out the spare, find the jack, and change the tyre, before you could move anywhere. Thankfully, these days are over or nearly over, thanks to innovative radials like BMW run flat tyres. These are tyres that can resist deflation when punctured. As a result, car owners can continue to drive their vehicles, at reduced speeds, until they reached a garage or local service centre.

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A Little about Run Flats

Run flat tyres act as their own spares . The tyres have specially reinforced sidewalls with special lateral strengthening. A special polymer compound is used to make the tyre and it ensures that the tyre continues to support the vehicle even when the tyre pressure is low or close to zero..

Consumers like to use run flats as they offer a major advantage over ordinary tyres. With run flats, there is no need to change the tyre in case of a blowout. The driver can still drive the car for an additional 100 to 320 miles until they reach safety. There is no need to change tyres in peak hours, or late at night. Run flat tyres also increase space in the car boot, as there is no need to carry spares.

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However, there are a few disadvantages to run flat tyres as well. Cost is a primary factor as run flats are about 30% to 40% more expensive than ordinary tyres. As the tyres are manufactured with thicker and stronger polymer compounds, it automatically increases manufacturing and retail cost. A special tread pattern also increases fuel consumption by 1%. These tyres cannot be repaired due to the special manufacturing process. Irrespective of these factors, run flats are a very good choice due to the safety and convenience they offer.

Specific Run Flat Radials

BMW is one of the leading automotive brands that offers run flat radials as original equipment for some of their models. You can find specific run flat tyres for various models of BMW in several sizes and across patterns. However, finding the right model can be a difficult. Instead of searching with many websites online, it’s a good idea to try a single product-specialist website like Tyre-Shopper.

Tyre-Shopper is a very popular UK tyre retailer and we stock tyres from manufacturers world wide. To make searching easier, we have a special search engine that searches via multiple approaches. At the simplest, all you have to do it enter your vehicle registration number into the search engine, and the website will find the right tyre. Tyre-Shopper offers a price guarantee and we add the shipping, delivery, and installation costs into the tyre price. As a result, you actually get tyres from us at a rate far, far lower than any other website online.

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