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Run flat tyres, also known as self-supporting tyres are specially designed to keep working even after suffering a puncture. Long gone are those uncomfortable roadside tyre changes on discovering a puncture, because run-flat tyres allow you to drive safely home or to your nearest garage.

Due to their unique construction, run-flat tyres also reduce the potential dangers of a tyre blow-out. A vehicle is usually supported by the air in its tyres, and once there is a puncture, they collapse. However, run-flat tyres have tough rubber inserts which temporarily hold up the weight of your vehicle even after a puncture. Drivers can get an additional 50 miles, if travelling at approximately 30mph on an operational run-flat tyre, leaving plenty of time to get to your nearest tyre-fitter.

The exact range depends on variables like your driving speed, load of your vehicle and driving conditions. The materials used to manufacture run-flat tyres are similar or identical to conventional tyres, so their wear rates should be comparable. Keeping the correct air pressure in your tyres (no matter what type) is the best way to ensure a longer life. As a general rule, Tyreshopper advises drivers to avoid mixing different tyre types on a vehicle. This is also true of combining conventional and run-flat tyres on a car – as their handling characteristics may differ and have the potential to cause an accident.

Tyreshopper recommends replacing like for like; therefore if your vehicle was originally equipped with run-flats then continue to do so. The vehicle manufacturer has set the vehicle’s suspension to suit run-flat tyres, so changing to conventional ones could have an adverse effect on handling. Tyreshopper; the UK’s no.1 online tyre retailer stocks a great range of run-flat tyres. Choose your size from the search tool above to check for pricing and availability on our entire catalogue of run-flat tyres.


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