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Do tyre sizes confuse you? Do you need tyre sizes explained in plain English that you can easily understand? Radial tyre sizes can be difficult to understand, so here at Tyre-Shopper, we’re happy to do our best to make them clearer.

The average person doesn’t know what size tyres are fitted to their vehicle. This is probably true whether the vehicle was bought new or second-hand. When needing to replace a near-balding pair of car tyres, this situation reminds the owner how much they don’t know about their own vehicle.

Never mind. Let’s solve the problem by explaining the ins and outs of tyre sizes:

30. Tyre Sizes Explained 1

Tyre Sizes Made Easy

It doesn’t matter which manufacturer made the tyre, the size information will be indicated on the tyre sidewall. Size information may be printed on it or embossed over the surface of the sidewall. An interesting-looking row of numbers and letters will be displayed which won’t make any sense until you learn how to break it down section by section.

The majority of tyre manufacturers follows an industry-standard method to state the information about each tyre. This helps main dealers, independent garages, and personal buyers know what they are looking at.

Here’s An Example We Prepared Earlier

Let’s say you are looking at a Bridgestone tyre with the embossed markings 175/65 R14 T.

The first numeral 175 states the width of the tyre in millimetres. Therefore, the Bridgestone radial tyre example, has a width of 175mm.

The 65 numeral confirms the height shown as a percentage of the full tyre width.

The letter R depicts the variety of tyre. This refers to the tyre being a radial type like the majority of the tyres used now. There will occasionally be alternative letters shown to indicate other types of tyre products.

The new number 14 is the wheel rim diameter stated in inches. This tyre will fit over a rim that is 14 inches.

The final letter T corresponds to the speed rating of the tyre. In this case, the speed rating indicates a maximum speed of 118 miles per hour (190 kilometres per hour).

Beyond the regular tyre sizes, there are a few tyre manufacturers that use alternative alphabets to indicate tyres that can run flat. Some of these markings include ROF, DSST, RFT and RunFL.

The sidewall of the tyre will also confirm the company brand, the maximum operating inflation pressure allowed, the maximum load carrying capacity, and the model type.

30. Tyre Sizes Explained 2

Tyres from international manufacturers will also carry other information as dictated by domestic regulatory authorities. In the USA, the UTQG standards code and USA DOT code are required. Within Europe, the European Regulatory Authorities require the ECE approval stamp.

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We hope we have explained tyre sizes clearly enough to give you confidence in shopping with Tyre-Shopper for all your tyre replacement needs.

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