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Have you Tried Tyre-Shopper’s 185/65r15 Cheap Car Tyres?

If availability of 185/65r15 car tyres cheap in price, but of superior quality is a concern for you, don’t give it another thought.Tyre-Shopper brings to you a wide range of cheap tyres from leading manufacturers all over the world. And at, the meaning of ‘cheap’ is not ‘low quality. ‘Cheap’ simply means low priced and is quite independent of quality which is always top notch.

56.1 Tyre Shopper 185 65r15 Care Tyres Cheap

An Affordable Option for your Radials

Tyres are crucial for making your car ‘move’ and are an important part of your safety and wellbeing on the road. It is great that you are paying so much attention to the radial buying process. You should.

But wanting to buy cheap tyres is nothing to feel bad or guilty about. After all, you work hard to earn your money and if there is an option that offers you low price with no compromise on quality, performance and safety, definitely you should opt for it. Buying expensive tyres to prove a point is downright silly, don’t you think?

And yes, such as affordable option exists – Tyre-Shopper.

Our Formula For Cheap Tyres

We offer the best quality products at the lowest prices. Since we source all our products directly from the manufacturers or from dealers approved by them, quality is something you can be assured about.

Coming to the low prices, these are possible because we negotiate big discounts from our suppliers. On top of that, our online model means that our overhead costs are minimal (no rent, no heater, no seating for customers etc). And all these savings, we directly pass on to you as discounted prices.

56.1 Tyre Shopper Cheap Tyres

Thus we are known as the #1 cheap tyres supplier in the UK and we are proud of this badge.

Your 185/65r15 Car Tyres- Do You Know Them?

When this specific size is recommended for your car, there is a reason behind it. This size is best suited for small to mid size compact cars that have 15 inch alloys. From Bridgestone to Continental, Dunlop and Barum and Westlake, several manufacturers produce radials in this size.

While choosing this dimension of tyres for your car, do consider the load index and speed rating displayed on the tyre. Typically, this size is associated with an 88H load index-speed rating combination. This means a maximum weight of 560kg and speed of 210km/hr. In some cases, the speed rating is ‘T’, which corresponds to a lower speed limit of 190km/hr. You had better make sure that you are choosing the size recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Cheap and Convenient – A Combination for Keeps

Cheap is one thing, but if ‘cheap’ is associated with a host of inconveniences, I am sure you would not mind high prices. At Tyre-Shopper, this is not so.

We combine affordability of your radials with convenient fitting options. We have more than 225 branches around the UK, where you can avail professional fitting services from our technically trained technicians. All our fitting centres are regularly audited and equipped with state of the art equipment to ensure highest quality fitting. Tyre-Shopper is indeed your best bet for 85/65r15 car tyres cheap and of the highest quality. Don’t miss this chance!

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