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Great Tyres from Goodyear Tyres - Available at Tyre-Shopper

Based out of Akron, Ohio in the United States, the Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company became famous worldwide for its blimp which quickly was adopted by other companies to carry advertising. Founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling, Goodyear Tyres today makes tyres for passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, race cars, agricultural machines as well as construction machines and aircraft. The company was named after the inventor of vulcanized rubber Charles Goodyear. Initially, the company’s products gained popularity because they could be detached from the vehicle easily for maintenance. At Tyre Shopper, we stock radials of all sizes and variants from this company. 101. Goodyear 2 Formula 1 Record Since 1965 the company has been continuously supplying radials for the Formula 1 series. Around 1988, the company decided to pull out of tyre development for F1. The racing spirit is still intact in the company’s DNA however as it offers products like the Eagle F1 series inspired by its motorsport expertise. Goodyear is also the sole supplier for the American NASCAR races and holds a record for the highest number of starts, wins and constructors cups in Formula 1. 101. Goodyear 1 History of Innovation The company proudly claims a high level of technological innovation in its products which have led to its success. Goodyear Tyres has been present for a long time and have borne witness to some of the best milestones in the history of transportation. The first Model T Ford in 1908 was equipped with tyres from Goodyear. The company also made tyres for the 1970 Apollo 14 Moon Lander which makes it the first tyre manufacturing company to put its products on the moon. Goodyear also manufactured a pneumatic airplane in 1909 and also invented radial tyres for commercial aircraft in 1983. When the 600 mph land speed record was broken in 1965, the vehicle was shod with radials from this innovative company. Eco Friendly Tyres The company has made several contributions to the development of eco friendly tyres. The introduction of BioTred corn based compounds in its products was a first in 2001 and the company has also worked on developing the EU tyre labelling system used today. Currently, work is on at the manufacturer’s research facilities to develop a renewable biomass tyre. Modern Technology Keeping up it’s tradition of innovation, the company today offers customers the following technologies

  • Run on Flat

Introduced in 2005, you can continue driving with these radials even after a puncture. ActiveCornerGrip and ActiveBraking Introduced in 2007, this technology offers better handling while cornering and braking.

  • 3D-BIS

A patented technology introduced in 2011, it enables radials to have a three dimensional block interlocking system to greatly increase stiffness and stability. Buy from Tyre-Shopper Turn to Tyre-Shopper for all your requirement of Goodyear tyres. We offer the best prices and the widest range of products under one roof. Choosing your radials is really easy on Tyre-Shopper. Simply pick your preferred manufacturer from the manufacturer search drop down menu and choose the tyres you want. Alternatively input your vehicle details into our search engine and get the best radial recommendations for your requirement. We look forward to helping you buy.

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