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Fuel Efficient Tyres

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Choose from our range of fuel efficient tyres and get the best price in the UK market. With petrol being so expensive, fuel efficient tyres give drivers the edge over other motorists who still don’t know about them. Fuel efficient tyres are designed to consume less petrol whilst not wearing the tread down any more than a regular tyre. This technology prevents additional carbon dioxide emissions, so they’re the green choice too.

The EU tyre labelling provides information labels on the sidewall of European tyres for fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise generation. This enabled tyres buyers to choose the most fuel efficient tyre in the correct size for their existing wheels to reduce future fuel consumption.

Manufacturers have embraced the thinking behind fuel efficiency in design concepts by producing their own more fuel efficient tyre ranges. Bridgestone has their Ecopia range, Michelin has their Energy Saver tyres, and Continental has their EcoContact range of tyres.

Other manufacturers continue to develop new tyre technologies, including improved compounds that help to reduce fuel consumption. Search our full efficient tyres in stock to see which ones require the driver to fill up less often. The tyre fuel efficiency label rates tyres from A for most fuel efficient to G for the least fuel efficient.

Tip for Fuel Efficiency: Another great way to save money on fuel is to go easy on the accelerator pedal. All that speeding up and slowing down again takes a toll on the fuel that the vehicle is burning through. Tyre pressure also needs to be regularly checked to ensure it is at the correct levels; even a 20 percent drop in tyre pressure can badly affect fuel efficiency.

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