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Finding Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres at Tyre-Shopper

Have you ever tried to search for a specific thing on the Internet? For example, try putting in the term, ‘Michelin Pilot Sport’ in Google. The website will throw up more than 4,410,000 results in about 0.44 seconds. However, most of these results do not provide valuable information. They do not show product specifications, tyre cost, speed ratings, bulk purchase rates, online discounts, etc. In fact, most Michelin tyre fans waste timetrying to find details online when they can find all they want at Tyre-Shopper. Browse through our range of Michelin Tyres for all the relevant information about the Pilot Sport brand to make an informed purchase

The Superstar Radial from Michelin

Michelin is one the leading tyre producers and it manufactures more than two million tyres every week. Although the company makes several different models, the Pilot Sport tyres are most popular with consumers. The tyre is specially designed to ensure stability for ultra-high speed vehicles and it is the OEM summer tyre for the Dodge Viper, the BMW Motorsport, the Mercedes AMG, Porsche and Audi high-performance models.

Michelin also claims that these tyres have the fastest performance on roads and it does have specifications to back this up. Michelin engineers tested more than 80 different tyre specifications over 30,000 – 60,000 miles of harsh environment to come up with this superstar tyre in their stable.

65. Michelin Pilot Sport 1

Introducing the Pilot Super Sport

Michelin recently launched the newest radial in its Pilot Sport range – the Pilot Super Sport. To endure high temperature variations and adverse conditions, the Super Sport is built with a high-density Twaron core. The core is wrapped with a bi-compound tread design made up of 80% special optimized rubber for stability on wet and dry surfaces. The outermost surface has a special tread pattern and a unique formula that ensures temperature stability, dry and wet surface adherence, and extremely good performance at high speeds. This unique construction ensures that this Michelin tyre grips the road better, brakes better, and has a 10% longer life span.

Find and Buy Michelin Tyres at Tyre-Shopper

Welcome to Tyre-Shopper for the best prices on Michelin tyres as well as leading brand tyres that are part of our inventory. And looking for tyres is simple too. All you have to do is use the online search engine on Tyre-Shopper. The website produces relevant results and you can sort through them to find the right radials for your vehicle. You should remember that we also offer discounts and rebates on all our products along with a price guarantee. As a result, even though the Michelin tyres are expensive, you can get them at a much lower price on Tyre-Shopper.

65. Michelin Pilot Sport 2

To sweeten the deal, we also offer an all-service package price that is inclusive of delivering and fitting. Have your purchase delivered to the nearestfitting centre, drive down there as per your scheduled appoint. Our technically trained tyre technicians will fit your brand new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres onto your car. You are now ready to have an exhilarating drive!

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