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Value for money is pretty important these days, which is why many customers ask us about the best options for long lasting, durable tyres. Why are some tyres more durable than others? Well there are various reasons which can affect how durable or long-lasting your tyres can be.

Premium brands are often considered to be more durable tyres than their budget counterparts. This is because premium manufacturers are able to invest a great deal of research and development, utilising the latest technology and materials to produce long lasting, durable tyres. Many of these manufacturers have dedicated time and money into producing especially durable, long lasting and fuel saving tyres such as Michelin’s Energy Saver range and Continental’s EcoContact tyre range.

That’s not to say that budget tyres can’t be long-lasting – a number of budget brands are owned by premium manufacturers and the same research and development filters down into their budget brands, albeit there can be a compromise in terms of some features. Durable tyres aren’t just a special tyre formula for long lasting wear. To ensure you get the most from your tyres you should also consider your own driving style and how well you look after your tyres. For example, driving at high speeds with continuous braking and accelerating results in a harsher ride for your tyres, increasing tyre wear.

Not having the correct tyre pressure in your tyres can also seriously affect tyre wear, not to mention the increased carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption. Check your vehicle handbook to find out the right pressure for your tyres. Search Tyre Shopper for durable tyres at competitive prices from thousands of patterns in stock now! The new EU tyre labelling rules mean that all passenger tyres now being manufactured in Europe must show these labels, which give a grading for external noise, wet grip and fuel efficiency.

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