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Drive Safe in Winter with Snow Tyres from Tyre-Shopper

With the winters approaching, you must be worried driving on snow. Are you planning to get a new set of snow tyres fitted before that long planned Christmas trip with your family? And since most vehicles in United Kingdom are fitted with standard/summer tyres, by the approach of winter it is prudent to start thinking about winter radials for your car. Though in the UK, it is not mandatory to switch to winter tyres, it is always advisable to do so in the interest of safety. Tyre-Shopper provides you all the information about tyres designed specifically for driving on snow and we offer you the best radials at the very best prices. Browse through Tyre-Shopper online and get that much coveted information you need before you get the new set of winter tyres. 91. Snow Tyres(1) Benefits of Snow Tyres These tyres are designed specifically to offer enhanced traction on snow. They provide better grip in cold weather on wet, slushy and icy surfaces too, apart from snow. They are made of a unique tread compound (different from the ones used in regular summer tyres), which remains flexible and grippy even at low temperatures. Switching to snow radials is safer in winter as they offer shorter stopping distances when brakes are applied as compared to regular tyres. Tyre Pressure in Winter Pressure is a crucial parameter in winter driving as tyres tend to lose air in the cold. So you may actually be driving on underinflated radials. Underinflated tyres greatly increase the chances of a tyre blowout and are also responsible for increasing the rolling resistance and fuel consumption. Thus your fuel costs shoot up. To avoid all this, Tyre-Shopper recommends that you check the tyre pressure more often during winter to remain safe. Buy Your Tyres from Tyre-Shopper We offer you the widest range of winter radials from across brands. Whether you are looking for premium brands such as the Continental Winter Sport or mid range brands such as the Avon Ice Touring range, we have them right here for you. Our range of budget radials suited for winter includes products from Wanli, Barum and Tigar. 91. Snow Tyres (2) Once you have purchased your tyres from Tyre-Shopper, you can have them delivered to a convenient fitting centre. We have over 230 centres across the UK to choose from. While there, you can talk to any of our experts for smart tips that will maximise the life of your radials. And did you know that the price you pay is inclusive of fitting and delivery too? Not only that, the quoted price also includes a new valve and computerised wheel balancing. We also take care of environmental disposal of your old treads. Driving in the winter can be hard. Snow and ice are notoriously slippery and the chances of skidding are high. Why be nervous while driving in winter? Fit a set of snow tyres and drive with confidence. Tyre-Shopper is the best tyre shopping destination for your vehicle. Get set to enjoy a smooth and safe journey driving through snowy roads with your family this Christmas.

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