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Tyres are an extremely essential part of your car. They remain in direct contact with the road and they are responsible for driving stability, braking efficiency, and superb handling. Good quality radials are made to last for five to ten years but this actually depends on how you drive, the road quality,car weight, number of passengers and many other factors. As a car owner, you have to check your radials for wear and tear and replace them with new tyres immediately if there is a need to. At Tyre-Shopper, you will find range of premium and budget radials to choose from including the popular New Radial Budget brand.

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Checking Your Old Tyres for Wear and Tear

There are several easy ways to tell when your ‘rubber rings’ are getting old. In the UK, tyres have to be replaced if the tread pattern depth decreases to 1.6 millimetres or less across central ¾ tread area of the tyre. Here are a few methods by which you can measure the tyre wear at home or by yourself.

  • The Penny Test

Pinch the coin so that you can see the writing and coin image clearly. Place the coin into the tread grooves. Repeat the test at several different sections of the same tyre. If more than half the coin is visible, then your tyre needs replacement.

  • Use a Tyre Tread Depth Gauge

This is a slightly specialized method of checking tyre wear patterns. Tread depth gauges are sold by almost every garage and your local service station may lend you their gauge to measure the tread depth. You can also ask your local garage to check the tread depth. Some garages may also do this for free.

  • Check for Abnormal Wear Patterns

To detect uneven wear patterns you have to rotate your tyres from front to behind and evaluate the entire tyre. You can also remove the radials from the vehicle and undertake a thorough visual inspection.

  • Check for Abnormal Bulges and Bubbles

Uneven tyre pressure can result in bulges or bubbles and this may result in blowouts. If you spot bulges or bubbles on the sidewall, replace immediately with new tyres.

There are chances that your tyres will pass all these tests. Most radials are meant to last anywhere from five to ten years but this is just a guideline. To ensure your safety, you have to replace tyres that are more than six years old, or when the tread pattern does tend to wear out, whichever comes early.

Replacing Your Old Tyres

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Replacing your old tyres is quite easy because of online shopping. You can start by accessing the Tyre-Shopper website. On the website, you can use the online search engine to find the right radials for your vehicle. With Tyre-Shopper, you don’t have to worry about anything. Once you pay for the tyres, they are delivered directly to a service centre close to your home for fitting. You can just drive your car to the local centre and the tyres are installed immediately.

So, if you need new tyres, it’s time to visit Tyre-Shopper right now.

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