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Choosing the Best Winter Tyres for Your Car at Tyre-Shopper

With the winter season around the corner, car owners are now searching for the best winter tyres for their cars. Unfortunately, with so many different brands and varieties on the market, choosing one can be confusing. Most buyers stick to their OEM tyres or the tyres recommended in their car manual. However, you should know that technology is changing by the minute. Car manufacturers are coming up with better technology, innovative tread patterns, and unique polymer compounds to make winter radials safer and more effective on wet and dry surfaces. Browse through Tyre-Shopper’s extensive range and pick the right winter radials for your car. 97. Best Winter Tyres 1 Know More About Winter Tyres · These tyres are designed for superior performance on snow and ice-bound conditions. That means they work perfectly at temperatures below 7 degree C. Experts recommend combining winter tyres with steel rims as they last longer during winter months. · Winter tyre should be fitted before the season starts. The ideal time for fitting these tyres is October and they should be kept on until mid-March. · Some people may prefer to use tyre socks as a cheaper alternative to winter radials but this is not recommended. These socks cost about £50 and should only be used as an emergency measure. · Manufacturers use a special softer-than-normal tyre polymer compound to make these tyres. The tread pattern is characterized by little jagged slits called sipes that wick away water and ensure a better grip on wet surfaces. The tread grooves are also deeper as compared to conventional summer tyres. · Winter tyres also have a special Vectran or Kevlar belt that protects the inner tube from punctures. The tube reduces rolling resistance and ensures better fuel efficiency and overall performance. 97. Best Winter Tyres 2· The softer polymer compound makes the tyres excellent for gripping damp, cold roads but they do not work well on dry, hot road surfaces. As a result, all-season tyres are not a good idea if you stay in areas that are frequently snowed under or have winter thunderstorms. You can purchase any brand or size of winter tyre from online retailers but make sure you check the size on your tyre sidewall or the car owner’s manual. In case of any queries, do get in touch with our tech team; we’ll be happy to help you out. Buying the Best Winter Radials from Tyre-Shopper As you can see, buying tyres is easy. All you need it a little knowhow and expert help from Tyre-Shopper and you are good to go. No matter which tyre you want, use our website search engine to find tyres in almost any size, and model number. Once you have found the tyres, pay for them online and we will deliver them to a local service station. The station will call you when the tyres arrive and you just have to drive down for installation. We make the entire process simple for our customers. When you want the best winter tyres, all you have to do is visit our website and we will take care of the rest.

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