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Buy Tyres from Tyre-Shopper-Your Safety is at Stake

Owning a car is not a one time buy-and-forget deal. Regularly servicing your car is your responsibility. Along with caring for your car, comes the responsibility of maintaining your tyres, for they are crucial for your safety. At Tyre Shopper, we offer you a range of options to buy tyres from the comfort of your home and office. Don’t put off buying new tyres; after all, it’s a question of your safety.

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Tyres Save Your Life

Buying new tyres for your car is not only about getting the right look to go with those new alloy wheels. Tyres are an essential part of your vehicle and ensure that you get precision handling, adequate braking and ride comfort when on the road. As such, they need to be maintained and replaced when they get worn out or damaged so that their function is not compromised in any manner. At Tyre Shopper, we help you search for and buy tyres, so that you are not neglecting the most important part of your car.

Stay Within Legal Requirements

Stop by today in order to browse through our range of tyres which are available online for your comfort. Whether you are looking to replace tyres which are worn out by legal tread depth limit or you are looking to replace tyres for better handling, we offer a wide range of brands in order to help you make your choice. We stock tyres from all major brands worldwide including premium brands such as Michelin, Prielli, Bridgestone and more and economy brands such as Tigar, Barum and Wanli.

An Easy Way to Buy Tyres

We at Tyre Shopper ensure that you do not have to take the day off from work to visit various tyre dealers before making your choice. With an extensive range of tyres and a host of tools to help you locate the right size, we offer you the convenience of choosing the right product for your vehicle from the comfort of your home without having to move away from the screen. And once you are done purchasing, we help you with fitment as well.

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Tyre Shopper offers it’s customers a wide range of search options. Browse through our catalogue or search for tyres based on size, make, model, manufacturer or vehicle details. We even offer an accurate search option based on the registration number of your car in order to make sure you avoid the hassle of having to search for tyre sizes. Use our award winning service today to buy tyres and we will make sure that you walk away happy with the deal.

Hassle-Free Tyre Fitting

So you have decided to buy tyres with us and placed the order. Wondering where to go to get these tyres fitted to your vehicle? Tyre Shopper has a nationwide tie-up with over 1000 specialists who will not only assist with tyre fitment but also ensure that tests like wheel alignment and balancing are carried out so that you get the best performance from your new tyres. Buying tyres was never simpler!

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