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BMW 1 Series - Bridgestone D680 107H

The Bridgestone D680 107H is a premium SUV/MUV/Crossover tyre from the famed “Dueler” range of Bridgestone. It provides exceptional acceleration performance and braking responsiveness in wet conditions and enhances handling characteristics significantly.

Bridgestone is regarded as the world’s largest tyre and rubber company with more than 80 years of experience in the industry. At, we stock the best brands from the world’s best manufacturers like Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin and others.

So if you are looking for high performance radials for your SUV or are looking for the safest tyres for BMW 1 Series, Bridgestone has the range for you and you can get it at Tyre-Shopper.

Radial or Bias Ply? Which is Better?

18.1 Tyre Shopper Safest Tyres For Bmw 1 Series

The Bridgestone Dueler is what one would call a “radial” tyre. More and more car manufacturers are shifting from the old “bias ply” tyres to the safer and more comfortable “radials.” Let us understand how the radial technology has made tyres safer, better, more comfortable and cost-effective.

In a radial, the transverse plies run at right angles from the direction of travel. This makes the tyre wall flexible, while allowing less build-up of heat and a much more comfortable ride.

A bias ply, on the other hand, has diagonally arranged plies which make the walls somewhat stiffer and do not allow too much flexibility.

The Real Radial Advantage

As can be seen from the figure, in a radial, the tread and the sidewall can act as two independent elements. Thus when the sidewall flexes during tight corners, this flex is not transmitted to the tread and the tread can still maintain maximum contact with the surface. In a bias ply, the different rubber plies overlap each other from sidewall to sidewall. This feature may lead to overheating of the tyre during long rides.

Other features of the radial that make it a preferred choice is the presence of a steel belt which provides extra stiffness to the tread and a much thicker shoulder providing protection to the tyre’s interior from shocks.

A radial is much more flexible than a bias ply tyre. Hence radials provide a smoother driving experience by absorbing shocks, bumps and other impacts, but the bias ply is rather stiff and is a bad shock-absorber leading to a bumpy ride.

A radial also provides maximum fuel efficiency due to highly reduced rolling resistance and the overall life is also extended due to less heat generation and low rate of wear and tear.

Radials Rule the Roost

18.1 Tyre Shopper Bridgestone D680 107h

Most world-renowned tyre manufacturers have shifted to radial production for passenger vehicles. Companies like Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Avon, Continental etc. are offering more variants in the radial category and research and development has allowed for the production of high performance radials which provide excellent handling abilities and safe braking to the driver.

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