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The Internet is becoming increasingly popular for shopping. However, when you shop for tyres online, you need to be extra careful as are extremely crucialfrom a safety point of view; you just cannot afford to take chances. At Tyre-Shopper we understand this and hence offer you a wide range of tyres reviews on the radials that we stock. Browse through these reviews and make an informed purchase decision.

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Reviews are Important

According to statistics, more than 60% of consumers read online reviews before making a decision about any kind of product. This is particularly true in the case of big-ticket items like tyres. Consumers do not want the headache of returning large, expensive items and they read reviews just to make sure that they are getting exactly what they require. As a result, any website that carries reviews is automatically considered reliable and trustworthy.

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We have gathered more than 6000 tyre reviews and ratings from customers about their radials purchased from here.

Reviews at Tyre-Shopper

Do you tend to take reviews with a pinch of salt? Are you wondering whether these reviews are authentic? Do they carry genuine information? How do you choose between true and fake reviews? These are legitimate concerns but you do not have to worry about them with Tyre-Shopper. Here is what we do ensure that our reviews about tyres are genuine.

1. Every review is checked for versatility and truth. We check each review against products purchased from the website. Only these are allowed to go live on the website.

2. We invite customers to post their opinions and offer freebies to customers who do this as a means to encourage this practice.

As a consumer, you can also be proactive in finding good reviews to help you with your shopping. These tips will help

1. Avoid reviews that have full five stars. Most customers are overwhelmingly neutral about the products they purchase. As a result, any review that has a 2.5 to 3 rating is more likely to be true.

2. Avoid those that have been pasted one after the other by the same person.

3. Avoid those that seem to be reviewing too many products from a single company.

4. Genuine feedback and customer opinions will always have terms like ‘good’ ‘not bad’ etc. after them. Doctored feedback usually contains exaggerated language and is overwhelmingly positive or negative about a product.

Tyre-Shopper: Your Reliable Partner for Online Tyre Shopping

Now that you know how to check reviews, take the time to read the ratings posted on tyre-shopper. The website prides itself on providing authentic feedback from customers. Customers are invited to post their opinion or views about their radials only after purchasing something from the website. These reviews are not altered ore edited in any way and you will get authentic information. Apart from customer feedback own in-house team tests the tyres and writes technical tyre reviews. You have the option of browsing thorough personal customer reviews as well as technical information on the radials before you finalise your purchase. And this happens only at Tyre-Shopper.

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