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Are All Weather Tyres Better Than Seasonal Tyres? Tyre-Shopper Answers

All weather tyres (otherwise known as all-season tyres) were created especially for the varied climate that is experienced in the UK and across continental Europe. Weather conditions being what they are, throughout the year tyres have to deal with the summer heat, falling leaves in autumn, winter ice on the roads, and wet conditions many months of the year too.

The beautiful thing about all weather tyres is that they work well in any climate. The tyres do a good job of adapting to different road conditions and environments. You can buy them at Tyre Shopper, have them fitted properly, and then you really don’t have to think about them again until they need to be replaced. This avoids the needs to swap tyres out for winter tyres unless you’re dealing with particularly harsh conditions from a freakishly bad winter that’s generating weather warnings across the UK.

One brand that stands out in the market of all-weather radial tyres is Continental Tyres. Their range of radials ready for any type of weather are particularly strong and good value for money. Tyre Shopper staff can help you choose the best all weather tyre for your vehicle.

All Weather Radials Are Better Than Seasonal Tyres

The typical driver will operate their vehicle with summer tyres at any time of the year. These types of types work well when temperatures are at least 7 °C or warmer. Their special polymer compound helps to grip the road and ensures smooth operation on both wet and dry surfaces.

Summer tyres were never designed to be used in winter conditions with temperatures that can get well below 7 °C. The tyres are also not equipped to handle an excess of water from melting ice on the road or ice blocks when driving. This can lead to issues of hydroplaning or skidding excessively making it more difficult to control the vehicle and avoid having an accident.

71. All Weather Tyres 1

To ensure improved handling on cold, wet and slick road surfaces, all-weather radial tyres make a lot more sense. These types of tyres use a special polymer compound that is pliable but retains considerable strength. This helps the tyre to manage both summer and winter road conditions well. A different tread pattern and a high-density Siping are used in all weather tyres which helps with smoother handling, improved performance on slippery surfaces and reduce braking times.

The block-like design of the tread also helps to force water away from the tyre to create more grip on the road and better control in varied road & weather conditions. All weather tyres also functions admirably in modest winter seasons where the flexible nature of its design handles the changeable weather without a problem.

71. All Weather Tyres 2

How Do You Choose An All-Weather Tyre?

All weather (aka all season) tyres are indicated by an M+S or a snowflake image on the tyre labelling in the tyre sidewall. The M+S denotes that the tyre can be used to drive through mud or mild snow conditions successfully.

A snowflake denotes that the tyre can be driven in areas that have received heavy snowfall overnight.

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