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Is 215 55VR16 The Perfect Fit for Your 4-Wheeler?

The rubber discs of your car are the lifeline of your road safety and your vehicle. Tyre-Shopper brings to you the most dependable and cheap tyres UK in the perfect size for your car; including the 215 55VR16 tires. Could there be any better news than this?

Read on to find out whether it actually is.

The specifications of this particular radial are as follows:

46.1 Tyre Shopper  215 55vr16 Tires

Product width: 215 mm

Aspect Ratio of Product Profile: 55

Diameter of the Wheel Rim: 16in

Speed Rating: VR

Your vehicle’s handbook will come quite handy in telling you the kind of tyre you must go for and the required dimensions which are right for your vehicle. Simply find that out and rest assured, our Tyre Search will help you do the rest.

In case you are not sure about the radial you need, contact us at the earliest to help us find you the perfect match for your car.

Find This Popular Radial Size in Pirelli P7 and Other Leading Brands

Yes, it’s true! You can opt for your choice among several manufacturers when you are looking for this size of radials. One of the best and most trusted among those is Pirelli. Pirelli offers its P7 radials in these dimensions and these will ensure that your vehicle performs to the best of its abilities. Let’s take a sneak peek into the Pirelli P7 series.

Significant Features:

? These high performance rubber rings are designed particularly for station wagons and sporty saloons.

? Their tread design has a pattern that maximises ride handling as well as steering precision.

? The asymmetric tread pattern maximises contact patch, both on dry and wet roads.

? The radials feature broad compact shoulder blocks and wide central ribs that ensure continuous contact with the road, irrespective of driving conditions.

? The broad ribs enhance traction too, resulting in swift braking responses and minimised stopping distances.


? If you decide to go for these radials, make sure that you are ready for a never-before kind of sporty experience.

? Expect exceptional steering precision and maximum control on your vehicle.

? You are completely protected; high safety levels with reduced braking distances and excellent wet safety.

? Continual provision of benefits over long tyre lifespan.

So, if you are keen on exploring the highest performance level of your sports car, Pirelli P7 is the perfect bet for you.

Why Is Tyre-Shopper the Best Place to Shop Tyres From?

Here are the top reasons why we recommend that you buy your radials from none other than this online marketplace.

46.1 Tyre Shopper Cheap Tyres Uk

? Unmatched Quality

? Lowest Price Guarantee

? All Brands Under One Roof

? Easy Accessibility with More than 200 Service Centres and Over 1000 Skilled Technicians

Welcome to Tyre-Shopper! And get ready to experience the most amazing tyre shopping experience. Did you find your set of 215 55VR16 tires among cheap tyres UK yet? Go ahead and we’ll be happy to help!

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