Manufacturer: Pirelli
Tyre: Pirelli P6


  • Symmetric Design
  • Comfort tyre for the latest generation of saloons, estate cars and MPV
  • Safety with New STEP Project (Safety from Technically Engineered Profile)
  • Extra Low Rolling Resistance (ELRR) system: flexibility, smoothness and fuel saving
  • Low sound emission for quiet and relaxing driving Mileage and Longevity
  • Speed Index: TR, HR, VR
  • Available series: 50, 55, 60, 65

Developed in conjunction with the world's leading car manufacturers, P6™ is a tyre designed for the latest generation of saloons, estate cars and MPVs where comfort, high-speed stability and safety are the essential requirements. Increased steering and braking precision, P6™ incorporates exclusive, innovative features to enhance the level and duration of performance, like: The innovative STEP project (Safety from Technically Engineered Profile): a technological platform that gives P6™ a new profile, reducing deformation in the critical zones of the tyre, producing greater reliability and structural resistance. The tyre has less rigidity with the same resistance during use and thus less wearing in the parts most subjected to it: the resulting sensation behind the wheel is one of optimal stability and control, with an easy adaptation to variable driving conditions. A special footprint making P6™ a reliable tyre, secure on wet surfaces, assured when braking, quiet on the road and resistant to all types of road stress: its structural and geometric parameters improve smoothness of operation and create uniformity of pressure within the footprint. The benefits are more grip and total stability on wet or dry surfaces, with less tyre fatigue and thus longer mileage. ELRR (Extra Low Rolling Resistance) system: the belting and the sidewall and carcass compounds are designed and constructed to improve flexibility and increase smoothness of roll, while overall weight is reduced and integrity optimised. P6™ reduces fuel consumption and atmospheric pollution. Two new compounds: one at the base of the tread, it combines durability with high comfort values; the second, used for the tread pattern, is characterised by extraordinary grip on both wet and dry roads. P6™ has wide ribs with curved grooves for better traction and braking, working together with the continuous ribs to improve comfort and even wear. Continuous channels ensure faster and more effective water expulsion from the contact patch. A full central rib gives steering precision, ensure stability and improve handling.

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william fathers - 29th June, 2012

a great tyre, that does what it says on the tin, on a heavy car like my peugeot 807
10 out of 10

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