Michelin Primacy HP


Manufacturer: Michelin
Tyre: Michelin Primacy HP
Speed Rating: W
Load Index: 95W

Manufacturer's Description:

The Michelin Primacy HP tyres are premium tyres suited for high performance saloon vehicles.  This summer tyre ensures excellent steering responsiveness on both dry and wet road surfaces. Tyre longevity has also been significantly improved, ensuring even tyre wear and high mileage characteristics.

Maximum stability and control: Due to the superior grip levels of the Michelin Primacy HP tyre, you can be confident of maximum control when driving, especially when cornering. The rubber compound used within the tyre tread helps improve traction with the road surface.
Fantastic wet weather performance: Braking distances have been dramatically reduced to ensure improved safety on wet road surfaces. The risk of aquaplaning is also minimised to guarantee maximum control.
Improved tyre longevity: The rigid tyre formation ensures the capability to drive for an increased number of miles. The tyre life has been extended due to even tyre wear, which ensures high mileage characteristics.
Outstanding comfort levels: The Michelin Primacy HP tyre helps increase comfort levels when driving. This is due to the reduced noise levels to ensure a quiet drive without any distractions.

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