Michelin Pil Sport 3 GRNX


Manufacturer: Michelin
Tyre: Michelin Pil Sport 3 GRNX
Speed Rating: Y
Load Index: 99Y

Manufacturer's Description:

The Michelin PIL Sport3 GRNX tyres are ultra high performance tyres from the Michelin Tyres stable suitable for performance oriented sports saloons coupes and sports cars. These tyres are a technologically superior version of the standard Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres which are also ultra high performance tyres. The difference is that the Michelin PIL Sport3 GRNX tyres incorporate Michelin’s patented Green X technology that ensures the best energy efficiency amongst comparable products with resultant increase in fuel efficiency. The Michelin PIL Sport3 GRNX tyres are distinguished by the presence of the GRNX marking prominently on the tyre sidewall. These are exclusive summer tyres and do not provide adequate traction on snow and ice. The Green X technology of Michelin is brought to the fore by the use of an innovative ‘Green Power’ tread compound. This compound enhances fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance. In addition, the compound is also associated with excellent wet grip features and extended durability, all of which add to the overall performance of the tyres.

Superior handling responsiveness: The Michelin PIL Sport3 GRNX tyres have an asymmetric tread pattern that exhibits rigid shoulder blocks to enhance dry road responsiveness and handling. Cornering stability is maximum and you experience extremely precise steering responsiveness, making the drive very pleasurable.
Enhanced grip and safety on wet surfaces: While Green Power tread compound exhibits maximum wet grip and enhances wet safety, the Michelin PIL Sport3 GRNX tyres are further reinforced with an ‘Anti –Surf’ system that optimises the tread grooves and profile, enabling these to cut through puddles effectively. As a result, resistance to aquaplaning is very high and chances of losing control on wet surface are minimised significantly.
Increased ride quality: The use of Michelin’s Programmed Distortion tyre architecture in the Michelin PIL Sport3 GRNX tyres enhances the ride quality by increasing steering precision.
Greater braking responsiveness: The increased traction on wet and dry surfaces reduces braking distances significantly. In fact the Michelin PIL Sport3 GRNX tyres stop 3 meters shorter on wet surface as compared to their predecessors.

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1 Tyre £206.43
2 Tyres £412.85
3 Tyres £619.28
4 Tyres £825.70
5 Tyres £1,032.13