Michelin Lat Diamaris


Manufacturer: Michelin
Tyre: Michelin Lat Diamaris
Speed Rating: V
Load Index: 105V

Manufacturer's Description:

The Michelin Lat Diamaris is a premium tyre suited for high-performance 4x4 vehicles. This tyre will help drastically enhance your overall driving experience. Thanks to the sporty tyre construction, you can be confident of fantastic handling characteristics. On both dry and wet road surfaces, the braking distances are reduced to improve driver safety while maximising levels of control. The noise levels of the Michelin Lat Diamaris tyre have also been optimised to enhance comfort.

Quantity Price Order
1 Tyre £161.50
2 Tyres £323.00
3 Tyres £484.50
4 Tyres £646.00
5 Tyres £807.50