Continental Sport Contact 5 SUV XL


Manufacturer: Continental
Tyre: Continental Sport Contact 5 SUV XL
Speed Rating: Y
Load Index: 109Y

Manufacturer's Description:

The ContiSportContact 5 is the latest tyre in Continental’s sport family for both Cars and SUV’s (pure on-road applications). The ContiSportContact 5 utilises Black Chilli Technology to offer extremely short braking distances whilst still maintaining high mileage and fuel economy. The macro-blocks on the outer shoulder help ensure the contact area is maximised so that the tyre adapts to the road surface and maintains high grip and safety during cornering. To differentiate tyres which are primarily used on SUV/ 4x4 vehicles there is a SUV logo on the sidewall.
-    Shorter stopping distances
-    Safety during cornering
-    Excellent handling
-    High mileage potential
-    Fuel efficient


Quantity Price Order
1 Tyre £242.44
2 Tyres £484.88
3 Tyres £727.32
4 Tyres £969.76
5 Tyres £1,212.20