Manufacturer: Pirelli
Tyre: Pirelli PZero Rosso XL


  • One of the best options for load reinforced applications of your high performance sports car to experience high performance and high comfort.
  • Assured safety on wet surfaces keeps you confident while driving in wet weather.
  • With reduced tyre noise levels, you are assured of a quiet and peaceful ride.

The Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres are ultra high performance tyres from Pirelli Tyres for ‘extra large’ load reinforced applications, and they deliver extra large performance and extra large comfort levels.

The Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres has been designed specifically to cater to the modern sports and high performance vehicles that come equipped with electronic comfort and safety management systems. The standard Pirelli PZero Rosso tyres are also suitable for this application, but they cannot handle extra load applications and are not recommended for larger and heavier sports vehicles.

The Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres, on the other hand, are suited especially for heavier vehicles and load reinforced applications as they are designed to support extra loads with effortless ease.

Pirelli PZero Rosso XL Tyres – Supporting Extra Load with Effortless Ease

The Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres exhibit a reinforced sidewall construction, which allows them to carry excess pressure. And because they carry excess pressure, the Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres can easily support extra load, with no fear of losing balance.

Pirelli PZero Rosso XL Tyres – Performance

The Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres maximise performance in areas of handling characteristics, wet safety, ride comfort and quiet ride.

The tyres are available in both directional tread and asymmetrical tread format.

  • Superb Handling Characteristics

Both the directional and asymmetric Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres exhibit increased grip and traction on all surfaces, enhancing the handling characteristics. By maintaining maximum contact with the surfaces during bends, the tyres provide you unparalleled cornering stability even at high speeds.

  • Wet Surface Safety

Directional arrow grooves maximise water expulsion in the directional Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres. Four wide circumferential grooves with transverse grooves perform the same function in the asymmetric Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres.

So you get maximum aquaplaning resistance, resulting in enhanced wet safety and control.

  • Braking Responsiveness

The high grip and traction associated with the Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres, makes them respond very quickly to braking commands and they exhibit reduced stopping distances on wet and dry surface.

  • Quiet Ride

To meet the most stringent acoustic pollution levels, the tread pattern of the Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres has been optimised to reduce noise levels, making them one of the quietest tyres in the ultra high performance segment.

  • Ride Comfort

Equipped with construction techniques seen in flagship performance cars, the Pirelli PZero Rosso XL tyres offer maximum ride comfort.

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275 45 20 110Y Y

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