Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone ER300 Runflat


  • Eliminates dangers arising out of being stranded due to flat tyre
  • Safety is assured on all surfaces due to superior traction and braking responsiveness
  • Improved handling increases confidence levels
  • You are assured of a quiet comfortable ride at all times
  • Convenience and safety enhanced due to the runflat technology
  • Confidence to safely explore the maximum performance levels of your vehicle
  • Assured safety on all surfaces due to excellent dry and wet grip
  • Reduced noise levels and smooth ride enhance the overall ride quality
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205 55 16 91V V
205 55 16 91V V
Mr AH Wiles - 31st August, 2013

Appropriate to this model and make of car.
8 out of 10

sharon coyne - 24th August, 2012

i recommend these tyres and Tyre shopper to everyone!! Bri
10 out of 10

tim relleen - 13th July, 2012

I really don't like runflats - harsh, noisy and expensive. This is a BMW problem not National's. Would seek a car with conventional tyres at the next change.
1 out of 10

R Butterworth - 17th June, 2012

Good Mileage for BMWs
9 out of 10

Reg Way - 16th June, 2012

very happy will them again and again
10 out of 10

Richard L - 13th November, 2011

Run flat tyres generally give a harder ride because of the rigid sidewall and they also used to cost a lot more than ordinary tyres but their prices have come down to the point where you don't have to replace old run flats with ordinary tyres because they are cheaper, my new tyres were only slightly dearer than ordinary ones so I stuck with RFs, the bumpy rides another story!
9 out of 10

Nim Roy - 23rd March, 2011

my only comment would be that over last 10-12 months i have had to purchase 5 new tears which means replacing one of the original tyres i first bought, which i was little dissapointed with as thougt the tyres would last a little longer, but i know this was partly down to pot holes and state of our roads
10 out of 10

Sean smith - 30th September, 2010

prefer the brisgestones to the previous ly fitted michelins
8 out of 10

E McIntosh - 30th September, 2010

Good Tyre. Better wear than with Continentals
9 out of 10

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