Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: ZT5 Tyres


  • Exceptional steering responsiveness and handling characteristics
  • Improved overall drive comfort due to minimised noise levels
  • Enhanced grip on all surfaces to improve safety and reduce the risk of skidding
  • Increased wear resistance ensuring long term performance of the tyres
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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
155 70 13 75T T
185 60 14 82T T
165 70 13 79T T
165 65 14 79T T
175 70 13 82T T
155 65 14 75T T
175 65 14 82T T
155 65 13 73T T
185 60 14 82H H
165 65 13 77T T
165 70 14 81T T
195 65 15 91H H
185 65 14 86T T
165 60 14 75T T
185 55 14 80H H
185 70 14 88H H
175 70 14 84T T
195 65 15 91T T
175 65 13 80T T
175 65 14 82H H
185 65 15 88T T
175 65 15 84T T
165 65 15 81T T
185 70 14 88T T
185 65 15 88H H
165 60 14 75H H
185 65 14 86H H
195 60 15 88H H
175 65 15 84H H
185 60 15 84H H
205 55 16 91H H
205 60 15 91H H
185 55 15 82H H
205 65 15 94H H
195 55 15 85H H
205 60 16 92H H
Mrs E Howard - 14th February, 2016

first tyres on this car from new 5 years old hope they last as long.
8 out of 10

Phil - 13th February, 2016

Good choice for the 1.2 16v speedgear Punto. Surprisingly good in snow and ice for 'summer' tyres.
10 out of 10

robert bridge - 31st January, 2016

Good tyres so far very pleased with them. It is a bit early to assess the wear on them but the price was very good
9 out of 10

kevin dwyer - 30th January, 2016

so far appear to be fine
9 out of 10

- 18th January, 2016

I purchased these tyres to replace the ones (same make & model) that had degraded prematurely (cracking of walls). I have heard nothing since from the manufacturer.
6 out of 10

John R Nelson - 17th January, 2016

Excellent tyres, for a very good price.
10 out of 10

Ken Wilson - 16th January, 2016

Great choice for my vehicle/requirements.
10 out of 10

Jon Campbell - 13th January, 2016

Superb price against name for quality.
9 out of 10

Michael L - 11th January, 2016

Have used these tyres for some time. They wear better than the original manufacturer fitted tyres. Good to buy a British design even if they are made in various places.
10 out of 10

- 26th December, 2015

Super price, great service from your recommended fitting station. I would definitely buy these tyres again, in fact I have recently ordered two more for my Mother-in-law's Skoda.
10 out of 10

Tom - 11th December, 2015

Surprised at just how good these tyres are. Definitely up there with the more expensive leading brand names.
10 out of 10

- 2nd December, 2015

Tread looks odd, having deep grooves in it. I suppose that's part of the construction.
10 out of 10

DONALD THOMSON - 30th November, 2015

10 out of 10

steve reaney - 29th November, 2015

tyres a1 tyre fitter did not have correct tool to balance wheels so a very poor service would not recomend
1 out of 10

barry watson - 23rd November, 2015

10 out of 10

T Tierney - 16th November, 2015

Unable to comment as purchased as a spare tyre. Am returning this week for 2 more that will be fitted too the car.
9 out of 10

dave - 9th November, 2015

brilliant all round performance, well done tyre shopper you made the whole experience easy, have used you before and will use you again, and my family also use your service. cheers
10 out of 10

Bob Cross - 6th November, 2015

Excellent value.
10 out of 10

Richard - 4th November, 2015

Made in Britain!
10 out of 10

Tony - 29th October, 2015

Felt a little vague when first fitted but think they just needed scrubbing in.... fine now.
8 out of 10

Alan Lovell - 21st October, 2015

Too early to tell on wear characteristics but the Avons seem good and the price and service from tyre shopper was excellent.Y
9 out of 10

Karen - 16th October, 2015

With my limited driving in town, tyres are just tyres
8 out of 10

Wayne - 12th October, 2015

good value
9 out of 10

Peter wadham - 8th October, 2015

Good quiet tyres
10 out of 10

Andrew Thomas - 26th September, 2015

Excellent all-round tyres. Great service provided at National Tyres re fitting.
10 out of 10

steven carr - 26th September, 2015

like the price and the service cant be beeten
10 out of 10

John - 25th September, 2015

God quality tyre at a good price
10 out of 10

Wayne Lawton - 12th September, 2015

Very good service and price
10 out of 10

Derek Bevan - 20th February, 2014

The Tyres are great, But the service I received at the Bridgend Branch of National Tyres, was second to none ! I would recommend this web site anytime Derek
10 out of 10

George Smith - 7th September, 2013

These tyres appear to be much better in all aspects than either the tyres fitted by Suzuki when new or replacements purchased as "good tyres". The price for these 4 premium tyres was better than for other suppliers budjet tyres.
10 out of 10

Les Clayton - 28th August, 2013

Good price, quality and suits my requirements
10 out of 10

STUART McKENDRY - 28th August, 2013

10 out of 10

mike - 23rd August, 2013

good value tyre
10 out of 10

- 18th August, 2013

Smooth drive, they seem sturdy enough when cornering and breaking, no issues other than the balancing machine wasn't working at the garage when the tyres were initially fitted. Only found this out after we'd taken the car out onto the motorway. Garage was happy to rebalance them at no extra cost.
8 out of 10

David Mackenzie - 8th August, 2013

These tyres provide a much less comfortable ride than the previously-fitted Continental tyres and overall ride comfort is much reduced. However,grip is good.
5 out of 10

William Macleod - 8th August, 2013

Very happy with them
1 out of 10

FURZE - 16th August, 2012

Fine for me
10 out of 10

Antonio - 9th August, 2012

i would not recommend these tyres for a vehicle like mine that has good acceleration pulling power in first second and third gear,the grip is compromised by having to continuously letting off the acceleration power . I have another vehicle which is a escort van diesel 55,those of you that know that vehicle it is as slow as a four vehicle can get and on that vehicle these tyres work better i should know cause I've got Avons on there that work but on the connect van there no good,Only buy if your vehicle is slow or you are a slow driver.
1 out of 10

L Brown - 8th August, 2012

tramlined a bit when new
7 out of 10

John - 6th August, 2012

Not so good in the wet
6 out of 10

- 29th July, 2012

Got these for my daughters Ford Ka and very impressed. Road noise is low and they feel very sure footed and responsive at a very good price. I am now buying some Avons for my car now that the dreadful Michelins have worn.
10 out of 10

M.Jameson - 15th July, 2012

As a driving instructor I need reliable tyres due to different types of driving by my pupils from reasonable to extremes, these tyres have proved to be very good in all types of driving conditions (wet and dry) and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
10 out of 10

sean - 11th June, 2012

there a great tyre for our family car, and at a competitive price too, (could of had a worse tyre for more money ealse were)
10 out of 10

Adam Broome - 9th June, 2012

Good value tyre, no problems after 3 months use.
10 out of 10

A Wright - 1st June, 2012

I wanted to buy british tyres & I am pleased with the purchase
10 out of 10

AL - 30th April, 2012

very happy for the price. nice roadholding characteristics and braking confidence, I dont drive anywhere near the limits as its a family car, and a bit too early to report on wear
10 out of 10

James Elliott - 28th April, 2012

Avon are a good all round brand that have never let me down, I tried another brand that was in the same price range but didn't seem to be as good a make as Avon, I also use Avon on my van which does a lot of miles and they seem to last a lot longer than other makes of tyres
10 out of 10

Fay Robertson - 16th April, 2012

Its really hard to make judgement as i need to get another 2 new tyres. The staff themselves where great, they took my car the same day i phoned, advised me the best product for my price range and had the car ready for pick up within the hour which was fantastic.
10 out of 10

martin burden - 10th April, 2012

I have never had Avon tyres before and at the price I paid I feel I got a very good deal for a quality tyre
10 out of 10

Trevor Murphy - 9th March, 2012

More than happy with the tyres
9 out of 10

Andy - 7th March, 2012

very good tyres would buy same ones again
8 out of 10

Nicole Carr - 4th March, 2012

I am no tyre expert, and it is difficult to judge as I only changed 2 out of the 4 tyres. In general these were at a great price for an above average tyre, and we have had no complaints with Avon. Highly recommended.
10 out of 10

Howard Williams - 23rd February, 2012

Excellent quality and value for money
10 out of 10

Antonio - 14th February, 2012

the first 50 percent of the tyre lasts a lot longer than the rest of the life of the tyre.when im over 50 percent tyre wear i find my vehicle can spin the front wheels on exceleration to easily from first gear.i dont feel safe with them in the winter when passed the 50 percent wear mark in the winter.i definately would not recommend them for common motorway journeys as the steering becomes too light.
2 out of 10

Steph - 27th January, 2012

These tyres have been excellent value for money and high quality...definately up there competing with the best like Goodyear and Pirelli in my opinion but still leaving me change in my purse.Happy days :)
10 out of 10

John Jeram-Silvey - 19th January, 2012

Excellent value tyre. I did a lot of research before buying these and I was not disappointed. I was on a budget but it does not appear to have been compromised by the price of these tyres. The road noise was significantly lower than my previous tyres, the grip is far superior and they do not aquaplane even at 70mph along torrentially rain soaked M27. Also the service from National Tyres was excellent as usual!! Highly recommended!!
10 out of 10

David Rouse - 16th August, 2011

These are the best tyres I have ever had on the front of the car. They suit it very well. I always use Avon tyres whenever possible - including on our Land Rover County V8. The annual mileage given is about average with this car but sometimes it is quite a bit more. It is not the only car I use - hence the modest total quoted.
10 out of 10

CHRIS ARTHUR - 4th August, 2011

8 out of 10

stuart wishart - 14th June, 2011

previously had avon cr232 and was delighted with them for the price, mileage and grip. With the amazing discounts available from this company, i went for the next level up of tyres and was even more surprised with the improvements over previous tyres, which were very good! Will be using the service regularly now for all the company fleet.
10 out of 10

Elfed Roberts - 26th January, 2011

price wise very reasonable and preforms,equally as good as a very more expesive tyre,i would highly recommend,by the way an excellent service also by the garage,thank you will shop again with you .
10 out of 10

alan mann - 14th January, 2011

I have an knowledge of an independent tyre company and the owner he always has Avon tyres fitted to his own car !
10 out of 10

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